Just an awesomely deranged letter

In the letters section of today’s Concord Monitor:


Well, it looks like our liberal Democratic governor has flushed New Hampshire down the toilet to join the rest of our New England states in the sewer of public sodomy.

One day we will all have to answer to God for this wickedness – those who revel in it and those who stood by and did nothing to prevent it.

America is dying. Doesn’t anybody care?

How many of us have the nerve to fly our U.S. flag upside down? How many know what that means?


5 thoughts on “Just an awesomely deranged letter”

  1. The writer of this letter is obviously not an informed citizen. If the writer was the writer would know that the legislation in New Hampshire is in perfect accord with the founding principles of America.

    This Union is inclusive.

    The writer lives in an ethical vacuum.

  2. Jay Gould is on the money. Read the frackin’ Bible, and you will see that he has good reading comprehension skills. For whatever reason, the Lord God takes a very very keen interest in the genitalia of humans.

    Zeus himself was also acutely aware of his own genitalia, and took steps to insure its proper biological sheathing. Now, the prodigious dimensions and vitality of the godly manhood of Zeus is part and parcel of the Greek mythos, yet sadly, we know nothing of the sodomistic scimitar of Our Man in Heavena himself, except, perhaps, that we are made in his image.

    So, Zeus is hung like a horse and could care less about sodomy. Yahway is uptight about sodomy and no mention of his anatomy. Draw your own conclusions.

  3. Oh yes, because we all know that there would be no gay sex if the government didn’t allow gay marriage, just like there’s no hetero sex without hetero marriage. Actually, I think God would prefer that gay people are having sex within the confines of marriage.

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