If you receive a goverment disability check every month…

…so you can sit at home and write ignorant blog posts, you should shut the fuck up about socialism and you should shut the fuck up about how this (or any) administration is wasting money with its policies. And that goes double when Uncle Sam is picking up the tab for your offspring’s exorbitant medical costs.

This kind of ungracious shit from wingnuts is sort of the mirror image of their complaining about tax policies that would actually help them (e.g., raising taxes on the wealthy and giving everyone else a break), but is representative of the same delusional, angry, bumblefuck thinking. For whatever reason, uneducated and shiftless welfare bitches like Gribbit thnk they’re going to be tycoons someday, so they balk at taxes that preferentially ding the rich. The idea that someone whose entire life consists of laying into Obama in a manner that can fairly be described as obsessive (Gribbit has to be on an FBI watch list somewhere; it’s not hard to scour the Web for keywords and see who the most frequent offenders are) in pidgin English is both funny and frightening.

Anyone who needs to tag every damned post with twelve or thirteen different slurs about Obama and liberals isn’t just passionate; he’s on autopilot, with a reptilian core of brain matter doing all his thinking for him. Sniff, snort, react. Nothing but one fucked-up amygdyla/hippocampus/hypothalamus complex. No cerebrum to override gut instincts and infuse the whole freak show with at least a little bit of consciousness or restraint.

12 thoughts on “If you receive a goverment disability check every month…”

  1. Hey – he doesn’t know you’ve moved! I could click on the link and get my dose of idiocy immediately without needing to hit my ENTER key. Your move is truly a time-saving measure for all readers.

  2. Yes I do and I’m working on that enter bullshit too.

    As for my daughter you piece of fucking shit… lay off. I don’t attack your family LEAVE MINE ALONE.

  3. Gribbit,

    I would not think of attacking your daughter. You know this from my prior postings. I have nothing but sympathy for any sick child. But there are certain realities involved in her care that you neatly elide in your incessant swipes at the same administration that makes it possible for you and yours to stand a chance. Why all of the antipathy? How well do you think your family would be doing in a true-blue “sink-or-swim” environment?

  4. How much do you pull a month in welfare Gribbit? From looking at your facebook page you seem physically healthy . I remember something about social anxiety but you have don’t seem to have a problem with that. After all, you twitter, blog, and co-host a podcast with, as far as I can tell, the angriest member of the lollipop guild.

    So how much is the taxpayer on the hook for?

  5. He will post thatr as soon as you post your income, shares and other financial assets onlne,

    In other words, its none of your damned business.

    ****And that goes double when Uncle Sam is picking up the tab for your offspring’s exorbitant medical costs.****

    That IS an attack on Gribbit’s daughter..who the hell are you, Letterman’s lovechild?


    1. Really Sonnabend? I don’t see where I have been railing against Capitalism not stop. I don’t hide the fact that I make money like Gribbit hides that he takes disability money from the government.

      I guess I couldn’t care less about how much it is but that he actually receives money which you all but confirmed that he does. The point is that once he experienced the need for extra help one would expect the rhetoric to be toned down a bit.

  6. Kevin;
    I think Gribbit may be being a little thin-skinned, but he does have something of a point.
    I don’t know what Ms. Gribbit’s medical problems are, but surely to classify the cost of her treatment as “exorbitant” implies that you think the young lady might be “swinging the lead”.
    I take your point that someone who lives on government welfare shouldn’t be complaining about the (real or imagined) paternalistic attitude of the current administration, but surely Gribbit has no control over how much is spent on his daughter’s medical treatment?
    It is interesting that he, apparently, sees no hypocrisy in campaigning to deny the children of others the advantages of, what is at base, a socialist programme while allowing his family to take full measure. He might do better to explain this inconsistency rather than issue silly threats, but having visited his blog I am not wholly surprised.

  7. Sonnabend, that’s not an attack on his daughter. If he had said that she didn’t deserve any treatment, that she was faking illness, etc., THAT would be an attack on her. What he is pointing out is the hypocrisy of someone who both decries and benefits from a government program. By “exorbitant”, I assumed Kev was indicating that the costs were not small but rather the sort of amounts that could bankrupt someone who had to cover them out-of-pocket. (I follow hopper’s line on this but I think the idea of “swinging the lead” was not intended given Kev’s further commentary.)

    Further, I don’t think it’s incumbent on anyone to give details of their own financial situation in order to point out the hypocrisy of others’ financial situations. Oh, and nice swipe at Letterman. I think we can all safely assume that he has become the conservatives “scratching post du jour”.

  8. Gribbit’s wife doesn’t have any health issues, but his daughter has spina bifida, a truly horrible condition in all its manifestations. Gribbit knew a few months in that his daughter would be born so compromised, and proudly became a pro-choice Catholic at that point. That’s all well and good, an I’m not ripping the guy for having social anxiety, but when people continually bitch about Big Government when government handouts are their only means of sustenance, it gets tiresome.

    1. I wasn’t ripping him for having social anxiety I was just wonder why someone more social than most can claim anxiety.

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