I’m in Milwaukee

Not really; I’m in its fuglyish airport. But I have never been to Wisconsin (not that I can count an airport stop), so it seems worth noting. (I have been to 40 or 41 states, I forget which.) The Refuge is on Eastern Time, my watch is on Central Time (I changed it during my flight from Logan to here), and I already set my computer clock to Mountain Time. So I’m all sorts of messed up.

Anyway, I am going to be in Boulder in about six and a half hours, and by way of a mini-journal I am planning to post something here every night, including some pictures. These entries will likely be of more interest to runners than to others, but I’ll try to make them spirited and vulgar enough to keep the rest of you slack-jawed bastards entertained. I have a number of interviews scheduled with former world-class runners and a few coaches too, and ideally I’ll conduct a few of these informally during runs. Some confirmed and likely names: Lorraine Moller (1984 Boston Marathon champ); Steve Jones (former world record holder in the marathon); Benji Durden (1980 Olympic Marathon Team member, didn’t ge to go because of the U.S. boycott).

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  1. Here’s hoping that your pilot didn’t take more than 5 attempts to pass “Takeoffs 101′

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