I’m getting Boulder: Day 1–Intro

My arrival in South Boulder on Monday was preceded by as smooth a 14 1/2 hours of traveling by car, bus, plane, plane, and bus as anyone is entitled to expect: both of my planes landed and took off on time, which in itself constitutes a thrashing of the odds.

I forget important items whenever I travel, no matter how assiduously I prepare and execute checklists. This time I forgot the card reader and USB cable that accompany my camera. This means that any pictures I take will have to sit in the camera’s memory for two weeks. This might be acceptable in Hoboken or Hialeah, but not here, so I’ll be making a trip to Circuit City.

I spend much of the afternoon and early evening being given a tour of the salient points of Boulder proper. The weather was blah (in fact, it poured at times), so I left the camera in my baggage. I contacted Lorraine Moller and will be interviewing her on Thursday morning at a coffee shop. Stops included Whole savings Foods, the Boulder Bookstore (a wonderful place), a music store with a name I forget, and a couple of other places. Tomorrow I interview famed coach Bobby McGee at his office and will have to run to get there. I’m almost certainly going to rent a car.

I should be sleeping, so that’s all for now.

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