Amazing development: Gribbit tells lies

In his latest bit of mindless bellowing, Andrew “Gribbit” Richardson had this to say:

”I suspect our new blogosphere companion is sick of the leftard trolls and their personal attacks. I know the feeling. Recently a troll thought that it was ok to attack me using my daughter and her health care concerns. Perhaps I should follow John Doe at The Political Critic and go underground? I’ll think about it.”

As usual, Gribbit is lying, both by commission and omission. When I mentioned his daughter, it was only in the context of noting that her medical care (she has spina bifida) is being funded by Uncle Sam and that Gribbit should therefore shut the fuck up about the woes of socialism and free lunches. This tidbit, then, was plainly about Gribbit, not about the kid. And more importantly, notice that Gribbit left out and important sentence: “He also felt it OK to attack me for being on disability for a mental condition yet continuing to rail against government handouts.”

I hope he does take his shitsite out of the public domain. He’s a spineless Elmer Fudd clone who doesn’t truly want a blog–-he just wants to preach to other morons unmolested. He can’t take criticism and has the emotional maturity of a mongoose on angel dust, hardly a surprising finding in someone who gets a SSDI check every month. Anyone who can post incessantly about how libtards suck is capable of leaving his sister’s basement occasionally and at least working at Arby’s. Being an irate idiot, while limiting, is not a disability. What an utter lying, hypocritical loser.

Funniest of all: He doesn’t even know that if he makes his blog private, I’ve accomplished an important mission.

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  1. Kender is another one who rages about lazy illegals and unmotivated minimum-wage-earners, yet not only does he always seem to be asking for money on his blog, but people like Gribbit and Big Dog have begged consistently on his behalf. These low-wattage racist wingnuts are all alike–bitch about socialism while asking for handouts. I have an especially low regard for stupid people lately, and would like to see them all shamed and ridiculed into the next epoch for saying the shit they do, and for being the people they are.

  2. OK, I just watched part of one of those videos, and between Kender’s rank ignorance, obliviousness to how ironic his statements are, and revolting physical characteristics, I had to stop. That shit is truly pathetic and a threat to even the sturdiest irony meters. He’s as on target as a cocker spaniel would be if it could talk.

  3. I especially like where the tubby little stump ridicules fat people and says that the SUV is why the U.S. car manufacturers are so successful and in such good shape. My jaw literally dropped after listening to that last one.

    And was that an I.V. bag hanging up behind him?

  4. He has some kind of chronic kidney disease, so I’m sure he requires regular IV infusions as well as dialysis. It’s quite possible his incoherence is largely the result of neurocompromise secondary to uremia. But that may be giving him far too much credit.

    Did you see the rest of the cast of characters involved? Gribbit, Cao, Jay of Stop the ACLU, et al. I bet some of those other names are associated with familiar pseudonymous winger blogs.

    You must have befriended Gribbit to see that. Wonder if he’d be my buddy!

  5. hehe…Gribbit must be reading your posts because I am now banned from his sight and he closed his facebook page to the public. I can’t say that I will miss seeing pictures of him making out with his wife.

  6. WordPress will automatically attempt to send a ping to any site linked to in a post, so whenever I write a post about him that includes a link to, he has no choice but to find out about it. So yeah, he’s been reading.

    Are you sure you’re banned? If you try to follow a link from this domain to his you’ll get a “you’ve been banned” notice (which you can supervent merely by hitting “enter” from that page), but I don’t see how he could have identified you otherwise. Can you just type the URL into the location bar and get in?

  7. I thought that was odd too. I searched for his website from Google and tried to enter that way and I get the banned page with that stupid dog. I remember I was banned before for making an innocent comment and after awhile it was lifted. Maybe he recognized my name and simply reinstated it.

    I don’t think he realizes it is fairly simple to sidestep his bans. I was just there and it looks like ole Gribtard is taking some time off from blogging. Must be cutting into his time hunting rats at the junkyard.

  8. “I don’t think he realizes it is fairly simple to sidestep his bans.”

    Actually, I think he does. He’s had my IP banned for months, but he’s seen me continue to write about his latest posts.

    This guy’s cowardice amuses me. He used to allow comments, but abandoned that standard when to much dissent started flowing in. The fact that he bans people even though comments aren’t allowed implies that he doesn’t even want certain people to see his output, because he hates that fact that some of us write about him in places he can’t control. Now, even this isn’t enough; he’s fleeing his own blog because of the “libtard trolls” (he admitted he’s planning to write in places other that Gribbit’s Word during his hiatus).

    Obviously, this guy has yet to figure out that if you spew vitriol (justified or not) onto the Web, someone is going to call you on it.

    I really don’t care how much he hates Obama. I’m not at all fazed by his atrociously ignorant anti-global warming bullshit or his refusal to accept evolution. Let him get all of his “news” from Fox, WND and Michelle Malkin. But I do take issue with someone who gets to sit at home and churn out page after page of anti-liberal bullshit because he gets a government check for a supposed mental disability every month. OK, social anxiety is a very real phenomenon, I dated someone for three years who was crippled by it at times. But at least show some fucking gratitude, or at least shut up about the evils of socialism. Does he really think the Republican Party would be more apt to support the kind of entitlements that literally sustain his dumb ass? I just don’t get it. And being a raging asshole, which I believe supercedes his clinical diagnosis, is not a disability, it’s a symptom of a personality gone rancid.

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