Another grievance about my “Truth Project” post

I noted yesterday that some whackjob James Dobson fan (pardon the redundancy) had left a comment to a musty post on the old Refuge at ScienceBlogs. Apparently this was the start of a trend, because today someone else lodged a similar complaint:

I think what I find to be almost humerous about this column is that you continually reference “the trailer”. Have you even opened your mind and hard heart long enough to view the series in its entirety? If you did, I don’t believe there is any way you could make some of the claims that you have. It is “backed up” by scientific FACT, not “expressions of belief” or “whimsical platitudes” as you call them.
My heart literally aches for you because you are so close-minded that I’m afraid you will never allow yourself to see “The Truth”. I pray I’m wrong.


Much as it felt strange doing so, I left a comment at ScienceBlogs explaining that we had moved, and that if Chris and AT wished they could repost their comments to the same post that has been imported to this domain if they expected a response. I warned them that I thought they were misguided saps and that the idea of praying for atheists to come around was a rip-roaringly infantile form of antiquated superstition, or words to that effect.

Save this, motherfuckers. For my part I hope (but don’t pray) that the practice of brainwashing youngsters to grow up with a corrupted mentality like those of Chris and AT will one day cease. I also hope I wake up next to a pile of gold worth ten million dollars.

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