Funny comment left on The Chimp Refuge v1.0

The ScienceBlogs version of this site remains online, though Seed has removed all internal links to it. As a result, people occasionally leave comments to posts there, and because those who comment to months-old entries are invariably people who use Google to look for reactions to their Internet bullshit, these comments are invariably left by people taking umbrage at whatever I (or Jim or Doc Bushwell) wrote back in the day.

We’ve imported all of our ScienceBlogs posts, of course, and I invite you to read this. Now read the comment that was just left at ScienceBlogs by one “Chris”:

Lovely column by a person who needs Jesus desperately. Your need to
lash out at people of whom you have never met and know nothing about
shows me that you are unsatisfied with your life regardless of the lies
you tell yourself when you are alone.

Your observation that Focus on the Family wants nothing but money has
no basis of “truth” in it whatsoever for someone who claims to have
such a deep acquaintance with it.

Your weak attempt to discredit the series by randomly throwing in
divorce rates is interesting. Although a huge percentage of people
claim to be Christians, but a smaller percentage actually admit to
following Christ. I would be more interested in knowing what the
divorce rate among people who walk their faith on a daily basis is
instead of those who proclaim their Christian faith because they are
able to get to services on Easter and Christmas.

You say not to call it truth unless it can be backed up. Watch the
series again then and perhaps you will notice the point and the
beginning through the end that is completely devoted TO backing up that
claim. Or by some chance, as unbelievable as this could be, did your
hardened and angry heart look past the truth presented so that you
could just find something to complain about and ridicule?

Our teary eyed Jesus wept many times for those he came to save through
his sacrifice on a cross. Those who ridiculed Him and rejected Him as
you are doing now.

You have heard the truth, rejecting it is your decision, but ask
yourself if you have attempted to even consider the possibility that it
IS the truth. Your soap box won’t save your soul from Hell.

This guy actually defends Focus on the Family. I used to have sympathy for these deluded, brainwashed fucks who babble on about Hell and salvation and the hardened hearts of atheists, but now I just wish they would either wise up, shut up, or disappear altogether. They are functionally retarded and startlingly charmless. And their parents should be shot. (With dummy bullets, of course, or maybe with squirt guns filled with goat piss.)

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