WorldNut Daily: Harry Potter pimping for gay marriage

Poor Dumbledore. As if dealing with the cruel machinations of Voldemort weren’t enough, he’s facing an adversary that lives even deeper in fantasyland: the laughably dishonest right-wing online rag WorldNut Daily.

WND has been condemning the Harry Potter novels for years, and now Bob Unruh (whose name alone makes me want to put him in a sealed dumpster and launch him into outer space) is claiming that a passage on the Web site “What would Dumbledore do?” advocates for gay marriage. The offending paragraph?

To accept our reality exactly as it is and want nothing more than that reality is to stand in a place of self-acceptance. To accept oneself as we are right now can happen at this moment, but to accept oneself for a sustained period of time often times takes a lifetime of practice. But make no mistake: there is no higher joy.

Yup–Unruh really uses this as evidence for same-sex-marriage advocacy. Of course, he doesn’t explain how this verbiage relates to gay marriage in any way, shape, or form.

Unruh then states that the Harry Potter franchise has “faced criticism for attacking the Judeo-Christian values on which the United States was built.” (every time I see that canard I want to take a dump on the writer’s welcome mat.) He cites a 2007 WND piece by pathetic young nutjob Ben Shapiro that consists of a breathless tirade about author J.K. Rowling’s revelation that Dumbledore is gay, and also points to WND film critic Ted Baehr’s screechy objection to one of the Potter movies, in which Baehr writes, “Witchcraft means rebellion against God’s authority in the Bible” and asserts that the idea that “you really are a good person” is a “stupid aphorism.”

The take-home message? Homosexuality, witchcraft, and being a good person are unacceptable, and above all, un-American. Thanks for that, you goofy fucks.

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