Well, at least Sarah Palin wrote her own resignation speech

Or so it seems clear. Check out the transcript on her official Web site. Had a PR type done the job, it’s doubtful that the document would contain so many gratuitous capital letters (“Ethics Reform,” “Climate Change,” “Outside interests,” and even an erroneously capitalized “Governor”), exclamation points!!!!…and ellipses…plus there were way – too – many – hyphens, and (this is my favorite) she dropped in “yes’s” intended as a plural noun.

Of course, this ignores the content, which is good for some belly laughs. She writes: “People who know me know that besides faith and family, nothing’s more important to me than our beloved Alaska.” Yes, Alaska is so important to her that she was forced to abandon it. Actually, come to think of it, that does make sense, although not in the way Sarah “I’m quitting because only a quitter wouldn’t” Palin believes it does.

As I have written elsewhere, the fact that she is a dolt isn’t the mortifying part; America is filthy with lunkheads. The scary thing is that she has plenty of supporters and defenders, even in small, chiefly liberal states about as far away from Alaska as you can get nd still be in the U.S. I rationalize away my angst over this by assuming that nutballs have a special affinity for the comments sections of newspapers, just as they’re more likely than the average person to write letters to the editor. But I’m not so sure.

6 thoughts on “Well, at least Sarah Palin wrote her own resignation speech”

  1. she dropped in “yes’s” intended as a plural noun.

    I like it. Yeses looks ridiculous. However, I am a rebel. (I guess.)

  2. I agree that “yeses” is awkward, but “yes’s” would still draw the ire of Bob the Angry Flower.

    She could have gotten around the problem with some simple rephrasing, e.g, ”Four said ‘yes’ and one said ‘hell yeah!'” By the way, not to be too crass, but does it matter what a one-year-old, with or without Down syndrome, supposedly thinks?

    According to Wikipedia, Palin once worked as a sports reporter for an Alaska TV station. This I find hard to fathom for a variety of reasons. It certainly didn’t help her perform well in front of the camera later on.

  3. “a stereotypical wingnut shitblog boasting an unlikely number of lies, errors, and misspellings”

    You wrote “about as far away from Alaska as you can get nd still be in the U.S.”

    You wrote “nd”, I am assuming you meant “and”…

    Error #2

  4. Wait a minute, this is the best you can do, point out what are obviously simple typos? Yeah, I guess that makes it equal to a wingnut blog. Could you be any more pitiful?

  5. No, I’m pointing out the fact that your little Kemibe is a HyPoCrite…and probably a lonely little fucker

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