I ordinarily balk at any use of the Caps Lock key, but the results of this Gallup poll conducted yesterday were so startling and distasteful that I had to make an exception. You should read it for the complete breakdown, but here’s the skinny:

  • 43% of American voters say that they are either very likely or somewhat likely to vote for Sarah Palin for president in 2012, including 72% of Republicans.
  • Should Palin not run, 39% of Americans polled say that they would like to see Palin assume a major political role, including 67% of Republicans.
  • 70% of voters polled say their opinion of Palin has not changed as a result of her resigning from the Alaska governorship.
  • 53% believe the media has treated Palin unfairly.

So there it is. Nearly half of U.S. voters, including Democrats, say they would be likely to vote for this talking vibrator for the highest office in the land, even though she just quit an important job to which she was elected. 39 percent of people apparently do not think history ever repeats itself. How many of them are fat, divorced males over 40 with their dicks in their hands? Sure, she’s attractive, but she’s no goddess, and besides, that isn’t the point. This is about politics, not pudenda.

The woman is demonstrably stupid, and I’m not talking stupid in the way that’s sort of a judgment call, as is often the case in political discourse. I mean nipple-twisting, nut-crushing dumb. It’s impossible not to see this. I imagine this is why so many people like her–they, too, are stupid, and they eagerly identify with her jabbering bumblefuck ways. But they are missing the point: We are not supposed to vote for someone who reminds us of a look in the mirror for president, we’re supposed to vote for someone special. I sure as fuck wouldn’t vote for anyone like me, and I can read and write.

I’m glad I work at home and can choose the people I interact with very carefully, because this kind of crap has me all but choking on cynicism. The average voter is evidently the equivalent of a robot with a crippling software bug. There’s nothing to be done about that kind of gleeful, abject ignorance, the kind of intracranial darkness that stokes these androids’ appetites for anything that destroys any semblance of respecting capability and intelligence. Yet I’ll ask one more time: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?


  1. WTF is too weak of an exclamation. I actually had a brief moment of hope when she resigned and the publicity was uniformly negative. Then I read this. C’mon, ‘merricans, wake the fuck up!

  2. Not to be picky, but wouldn’t she be a talking Fleshlight? Just sayin’

    Otherwise, wow. WTF IS too mild. I wouldn’t take the fact that 70% of respondents didn’t change their opinion of her as a bad thing though. I thought she was a fucking idiot before, and I still think she’s a fucking idiot.

  3. Well….I might vote for her….if she was faced off against Cheney at the polls. But it would make me feel all dirty inside.

  4. My brother is a huge fan of hers. He is an otherwise intelligent man, but the Republican Party has touched his inner sense of injury and persecution. He has always felt picked on–it’s part of his nature–and following Palin and being her fan gives him a chance to say “fuck you” to a universe that he has always felt screwed him. I think that explains it.

  5. I go get the sense that many if not most Palin supporters are far less convinced of her capabilities as a leader than they are of her ability to render Democrats and Independents aghast and atwitter. Most of them don’t really give a shit about the U.S.–they just want revenge for perceived slights. They vote from anger, not reasoned thought. The Gribbit ape I pick opn here a lot is just one example of millions.

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