Olympic 1,500 “Gold Medalist” Ramzi’s positive EPO test confirmed

Bahrain 1,500m specialist Rashid Ramzi’s “B” sample from the Beijing Olympics has tested positive, meaning that Kenya’s Asbel Kiprop is now declared the 2008 Olympic Champion.

Ramzi tested positive for CERA, or continuous erythropoietin receptor activator, an advanced version of the classic blood-booster erythropoetin. EPO stimulates the production of red-blood cells, thereby conferring a near-immediate advantage to athletes competing in primarily aerobic events such as distance running and cycling.

When an athlete tests positive for a banned substance, that is considered an “A” sample, and disqualification is contingent on a subsequent positive test of the same sample of blood or urine, but one that has been physically sequestered from the “A” sample to avoid allegations of tampering.

2 thoughts on “Olympic 1,500 “Gold Medalist” Ramzi’s positive EPO test confirmed”

  1. If Ramzi is stripped of his gold medal, then:

    Asbel Kiprop of Kenya will advance from 2nd to 1st and get the gold medal.
    Nick Willis of New Zealand will advance from 3rd to 2nd and get the silver medal.
    Mehdi Baala of France will advance from 4th to 3rd and get the bronze medal.
    Bernard Lagat of the US will advance out of the semis into the final and get a DNS.

  2. Well, at least still there’s likely at least one doper among the medalists. Wouldn’t want to mess with contemporary standards too much. Funny note about Lagat, though.

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