Tsk, tsk: The ignorant public can’t dictate scientific research!

The shitbirds at OneNewsNow.com, the “news” arm of the American Family Association, are unreal. Actually, they aren’t; their brand of reportage is all over the place, and it’s as if they’re engaged in a contest with Christian Newswire, Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, the Family Fuckface Association, Focus on the Fuckface, FuckfaceNewsNow.com, and any number of other outlets to see who can make the most noise and the least amount of sense at the same time. The word of the day, every day, is whining.

A recent complaint, titled “Public ignored; full steam ahead for embryonic sacrifice,” exemplifies the fact that Christers’ distaste for a scientific endeavor is usually inversely proportional to their comprehension of its intracacies, and more importantly, its benefits. But the loopiest thing is the chief reason the “article” gives for why ESCR should be squashed: Some folks don’t like it!

The National Institutes of Health has issued guidelines for research on human embryos. One pro-family spokesman accuses NIH of ignoring the public on the matter.

The guidelines, which are based on a presidential executive order, open the door for research that pro-life groups have fought against for years. Dr. David Prentice of the Family Research Council tells OneNewsNow those guidelines set up a system that creates an incentive for embryonic sacrifice. He goes on to say NIH simply did not listen to the public.

“Of the 49,000 comments they got, 30,000 told them not to fund any human embryo research [using federal funds]. The acting director of the NIH said they just ignored those comments,” Prentice notes. “[So] the question wasn’t whether to fund it, but how to go about sacrificing embryos.”

How dare the NIH not allow its policies to be determined by plebiscite!

Prentice adds those figures show America is still strongly pro-life. “And [that] they want our taxpayer funds going towards successful and ethical adult stem-cell research — the stuff that is already helping patients now,” he emphasizes.

Those figures show what everyone knows–that pro-lifers are much more apt to leave comments with the NIH about ESCR than people who favor the research, because the latter have no real reason to opine now that things are slated to go forward. Lying is the stock-in-trade of Jesus fans, and an ABC poll taken two weeks ago underscores this well: 55 percent of Americans surveyed think that abortion should be legal all or most of the time, while only 43 percent believe the opposite. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU LIARS?

Adult stem-cell research, which does not involve killing a tiny human being, is now being used to help more than 70 documented medical conditions and diseases.

If a three-day old blastocyst is a “tiny human being,” what’s in the spooge ten million torqued-up teenagers are presently spilling into their wadded-up socks? Infra-midgets? You can’t parody this sort of shrill yet stoic ignorance.

However, the part about adult stem cells is on target. Of course, an intelligent, honest, and progressive sort would look at this and say, “Well, since ESC’s are like the adult version, only totipotent, they should turn out to be even better sources of treatments and cures!” The God-soaked fuckhead, on the other hand, says, “Well, we have what we need already! None of this killing of cell heaps! Praise Jesus and save the little souls!” It’s well beyond pathetic.

Research on human embryos, in contrast, has produced no useable results.

Maybe if fuckheads for the LORD would back off (their yammering played a major role in GW Bush’s vetoing of federal funding for this kind of research), the undeniable fruits ESCR could be realized. To completely shackle something and then claim it hasn’t done any good is the mark not merely of a stupid person, but an evil person. I hope that unassuming, pro-science, harmless self-described Christians realize that godless people like me have to actively fight the idea that every one of you is as fucked up in the noggin as your self-appointed voices for the faith are. This Prentice guy is beyond the pale.

I really don’t approve of this article at all.

5 thoughts on “Tsk, tsk: The ignorant public can’t dictate scientific research!”

  1. …what’s in the spooge ten million torqued-up teenagers are presently spilling into their wadded-up socks?

    And here I was thinking I was being unique and creative for using a sock. Now I find out I’m only one of ten million. *sigh*

  2. Personally, I want to know about this “Family Fuckface Association” that you mentioned.

    I think I’ve met a few of their members.

  3. I absolutely love the options on the poll, but they don’t look hard-lined enough for my tastes. Next time, how about this:

    – Why do you think those godless heathens are proceeding with ESCR despite any chance of seeing any semblance of scientific success or progress?
    1. They hate Jesus.
    2. They are cannibalistic monsters who eat babies.
    3. The Devil told them to.

  4. How dare the NIH not allow its policies to be determined by plebiscite spamming!

    Fixed it for you.

  5. Of course Zeus is the Ultimate Embryo Sacrificer. Does he not destroy 70% of all embryos? Why would he not want us to follow his example?

    Does he not provide us with the gift of knowledge of biology, and provide us with the raw iron with which we forge our surgical appliances?

    If it is good enough for Thor, By Jove it is good enough for us, and anyone who says different is a blaspheming abomination! “I am the Lord thy God – ye shall have no other gods before me!

    Or something reasonably close along those lines.

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