Funny bullshit advertisement

I just had a Firefox crash, and when I restarted the browser I was inexplicably presented with a window open to a site called Here’s what I saw (click the image for a readable version):

“What I coincidence,” I thought. “I live in Dover, too!” Actually, I didn’t think it was a coincidence at all. I loaded up a random proxy connection, one that happened to connect me to the Web via a server in Illinois. Here’s what I then saw:

Amazing how this Mary Steadman chick gets around! She just happens to live wherever a given visitor’s server does.

I left a comment at the bottom of the page (beneath all of the planted “this worked for me too!!!” ones) stating the things I’ve written here along with the fact that I would be informing Google of this scam because I doubt its execs want their company’s name associated with it. That comment will not be approved, of course, but I do plan to tell Google, with the clinching insult being continued pop-ups from these scurrilous assholes.

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  1. I’ve got this popup coming up as well. How did you get rid of it? I’ve run numerous spyware/malware scans with no success of getting rid of it.

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