Granite Grok remains a locus of mindlessness and bullshit

I hadn’t looked at the output of these snapperheads in a while, but they’re always good for some inane Democrat-bashing, so I wasn’t surprised to see that Skip and Doug are eagerly supporting health-care “tea parties” despite the non-impact and inanity of the last round of such efforts. I’ve started to think that anyone who takes an honest look at the state of things in this country and agitates uniformly and categorically against the concept of universal health care is just a fucking asshole who deserves to be hit by some kind of catastrophic medical problem so he can watch his insurer (if any) stall and perform a mad and practiced shuck-and-jive in order to dismiss the issue as a pre-existing condition, or claim that care (however urgent) was provided out of network, or otherwise throw its dirty hands in the air and say, “not our problem!” Of course, we’re talking about a couple of wildly unintelligent men who hate Obama so much that were he opposed to revamping the health-care system, they would skewer him in their usual bumblefuck language for this as well.

Almost as good as the topical chatter is this post in which the Groksters thank their “loyal readers” for pushing them over the 1,000,000-visitor mark recently. Funny thing, though: If you click on their Sitemeter counter and click through to the list of the site’s last 4,000 referral sources, you’ll find that well over 90 percent of Granite Grok’s traffic originates from either Google image searches in various countries or Google’s basic search engine. It is probably even in excess of 95 percent. Then there are internal referrals and visits from a site called Gilford Grok, run by the same two clowns. In other words, all but a token sprinkling of the site’s hits originate from visitors who have never heard of Granite Grok and have no interest in visiting. I count 70 hits from Facebook, 15 from, 10 from, 8 from, and no more than 5 from any other site not affiliated with a search engine. Now that’s loyalty!

I quit scrolling when I got to this, where Doug misspelled “Sotomayor” despite posting a cartoon that includes the correct spelling and slips in the usual “it’s” as a possessive. Why do people with no brains in their heads at all expect to be taken seriously? I know, I know, they don’t know that they’re mindless, despite being repeatedly presented with evidence of having the cognitive candlepower of banana slugs. Regardless, since reasoning with them is futile, it’s straight to bashing with these douche-rockets. And in closing I have to note that it’s always non-natives of a given state (Skip is from Massachusetts, Doug from Rhode Island) who take special pride in hoping to see it fucked it up to their liking.

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