Funniest online newspaper comment of the day (so far)

In the course of arguing on the Web with a particularly virulent wingnut who was bitching about liberal media bias, I mentioned that journalists (and specifically newspaper reporters) tend to have higher-then-average IQ’s, thereby making them more likely to lean to the left. (The IQ thing is true, according to something I read a long time ago offline, but my main concern was getting under this hominid’s skin.) This was his response:

“I will put my(or Pat Buchannon, or George Will) IQ up against the average ‘journalist’ any day.”

I laughed my ass off when I read that even though at the same time I was thinking, “this country is so fucked,” which was exactly what a friend concluded after recently watching two 300-pound women debate the merits of extra-large bags of veggie chips in a Costco.

One thought on “Funniest online newspaper comment of the day (so far)”

  1. Of course the whole “most journalists are Democrats” meme gets trotted out in the process. That completely ignores the reality that reporters/journalists don’t just pick their own stories and then publish them, they’re told what to write about and it then goes through the edit mill.

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