Irony: the chief export of right-wingers

This is interesting, but not surprising:

After a couple of weeks of self-doubt and questioning brought on by those on the left whose goal it is to silence those who seek out and discuss the truth regarding the agenda of the left, I have spent the day devouring the writings of others like me who doubt that the current administration has anything but contempt for us – the lowly governed class. What I can’t understand is the insistence of these same reprehensible people that they are thinking human beings when they do nothing but parrot the Democrat Party elitists and attack anyone who dare challenge the words of the President, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. It seems to me that they are nothing but the lowly foot-soldiers – the stormtroopers as it were – of the same elitists they parrot.

So a fellow who has spent years complaining about moonbats, libtards, and leftards; cannot bring himself to refer to the president of the United States using non-pejorative language; and has a blog featuring, among other examples of wit and fair-mindedness wit, a graphic that reads “Save a seal. Club a liberal” is now complaining that Democrats have just been too damned mean, and wish only to silence conservatives.

Of course, Gribbit retains his unintentionally humorous side:

I’m done with going toe to toe with the insane and have come to the decision that they, like most people, only ridicule that which they are incapable of understanding. In this case, logic and truth.

Yes, that bastion of logic and reason who rejects the scientific consensus on climate change and evolution and displays both the math prowess and the temperament of a coked-up mongoose, even threatening other bloggers with physical violence.

Got that? When Gribbit becomes unglued and cranks the whackjob us-vs-them factor into the red, he’s just being reasonably critical. When people call him on his countless mistakes, they’re elitist, even “stormtroopers.”

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  1. Rather than “irony”, I think the word you’re looking for here is “hypocrisy”.

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