A step beyond birther bullshit

Not to be content with the mere nuttiness of the workaday birther “movement,” Gribbit has again gone a step further into outright crazyland by proposing that Barack Obama may not be eligible for the presidency because, he claims, Obama renounced his U.S. citizenship when he enrolled in a private school in Indonesia as a youngster under the name Barry Soetoro:

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama had to be a citizen of Indonesia in order to be registered in the first place. And as such no longer a citizen (natural born or otherwise) of the United States. Duel citizenship did not exist at that time.

There’s one very simple, not-so-tiny problem with this. If Obama was in fact adopted by Lolo Soetoro and became an Indonesian citizen in the process, yes, he would have no longer been recognized as a U.S. citizen under Indonesian law because there was no dual (or “duel,” as Gribbit puts it) citizenship at the time. Under American law, however, Obama would have retained his U.S. citizenship throughout his stay in Indonesia. A child that young cannot himself renounce his American citizenship and no one can do it for him. Case closed; Obama did not need to reclaim his U.S. citizenship at anytime, and he remains to this day a natural-born American citizen, just as he was on the day in 1961 he was born in Hawaii. So Gribbit’s entire shitburst rests on a lack of understanding of U.S. law.

Notice also how many times Gribbit uses the phrase “it is rumored” and others like it to support his frazzled conspiracy theories. Gribbit can’t read facts that are right under his nose; how is he supposed to be trusted to magically ascertain that whackjob rumors are true?

An earlier post is even more ludicrous. Gribbit claims that the country is being run by former acid-heads:

The people who now run this nation, teach in our institutions of higher learning and train those who teach our children in the 1960s routinely took mind altering drugs that have some serious adverse after-effects if used long-term. LSD has been proven to cause permanent delusions in long-term users. It has been proven to cause psychotic behavior in its long-term users to the point that many can be classified as clinically insane.

Have you ever had occasion to walk down a city street and see some 1960s hippy hold-over who has the thousand yard stare? Don’t fool yourself into believing that it is because of Vietnam. Chances are it’s from drugs. Or how about someone of that age group yelling at a sign post, tree, or utility poll? Same answer.

Our current Speaker of the House is of this generation. It is true that she didn’t even live in San Francisco until 1969 – but the 60s counterculture was nationwide by 1965. I wonder how many psychedelic substances she’s ingested over the decades?

So there you go. Because Nancy Pelosi lived in San Francisco at one time, she (along with all of her present-day Democratic comrades) must have dropped lots of LSD, rendering her crazy. That’s his entire argument, although he mixes in some bullshit about street people also being former tripheads.

I wonder why Gribbit seems to have no problem with the cocaine use and alcohol abuse of G.W. Bush back in the day. I don’t suppose hypocrisy, lunacy, and far-flung fucktardation have anything to do with it.

The guy desperately needs new material. I would say he needs a complete brain replacement, but that would take the fun out of wasting time blogging here.

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  1. Wait, he might be onto something here. Drugs might explain Michele Bachmann. She was alive in 1965, and Gribbit himself says that the drug culture was nationwide by then. It suddenly makes so much sense.

  2. Obama renounced his U.S. citizenship when he enrolled in a private school in Indonesia as a youngster under the name Barry Soetoro:

    Don’t believe it? Consider this: While Obama was a student at that same school, Terrorist Bill Ayers was BOMBING AMERICANS!!

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