It’s about time: WND finally admits that Obama is the Antichrist

Is it possible that WorldNut Daily, like the shambles of the imploding political party it purports to represent, might–like an aircraft carrier being frantically laden by demented seamen with improbably harvested chunks of neutron star–actually sink once and fo all under the weight of its own colossal lunacy?

With this story–and I’m linking to Salon’s take on the piece, not the WND mess itself–it seems that there can be no more virgin territory of crazy left to penetrate.

A YouTube clip published earlier this week reveals the evil truth, by delving into some Aramaic words that come together to sound like the president’s name. The key to the theory is a line from the New Testament, specifically Luke 10:18, in which Jesus says, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” Whoever put the video together — someone named “ppsimmons,” who World Net Daily couldn’t persuade to go on the record — reveals that the ancient Aramaic, and modern Hebrew, word for “lightning” is “barak.” And then, using the word “bamah,” or “the heights,” which appears in Isaiah 14:14, ppsimmons argues that in the original Aramaic, Jesus would have said, essentially, “I saw Satan as Barack Obama.” (When combining “barak” and “bamah,” the narrator says, you’d have to add a “u” or “o” sound in between.)

Now the real fun begins: Who among the longtime devotees to this incomparable pile if antifactual shitmongering will dare pick up on it and stand behind its claims? How far to the right will a blog have to be to even mention it? Can I be underestimating the unholy credulity of a certain flat-lining segment of the American populace even after railing about its depth and breadth for five or more years, almost non-stop?

2 thoughts on “It’s about time: WND finally admits that Obama is the Antichrist”

  1. I love the “I report, you decide!” last sentence (I’m not sayin’ … I’m just sayin!). What a dip-shit. And it took him 4 minutes and 13 seconds to drag out that bit of stupidity. Who will pick up on it? How about that poster boy of dumbassery, Glenn Beck? He can show the video, claim that Obama is the anti-christ, and then 75 seconds later, deny that he ever said it.

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