Competing theories about Obama’s roots

From Concord Monitor commenting stalwart Dave in Suncook:

A theory

I think Barry wanted to get preferential treatment into college,more than just being black, so he listed himself on his college apps. as an immigrant,that way he gets more freebies. We all know Barry has no problem lying,but maybe that’s why he won’t release early college docs. He was lying back then for the cash?
Now he’s stuck.Back when he was smoking pot and dealing coke he had no idea it would come back and bite him.
A little like him lying about domestic spying,Gitmo,Iraq,taxes.For Barry it’s whatever works at that moment.

From some other guy:

An equally valid theory

Barack Obama is actually a robot invented by Cold War-era Soviet scientists in order to rile up a large segment of the U.S. populace, one with a known distaste for minorities, intelligence, education, and fairness. This was to be their way of taking down America from the inside once the number of idiots in the U.S. reached a critical mass and allowed for the possibility of revolt. However, they failed to anticipate that the North Koreans would invent an android of their own: Sarah Palin. This MILFian robotress has soothed the would-be revolutionaries by redirecting blood from their cheeks to their loins.

On the other hand, maybe he’s simply one of the Anunaki.

Didn’t get your nappy-poo in today, Dave? Because you sound cranky!

3 thoughts on “Competing theories about Obama’s roots”

  1. Was the robot built in the states or overseas. I think it matters because there is nothing in the constitution about the president needing to be human.

  2. I didn’t realize that college documents would contain information about smoking pot and/or dealing coke, unless those were specific classes he took.

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