Think most conservatives aren’t stupid?

Based on this, it’s hard to defend that notion.

12% of them don’t consider Hawaii a U.S. state. That’s one in eight.

I don’t know what else needs to be said, except that 5% of Democrats said the same thing. Americans in general are horrible at geography, and much of North Carolina is not the intellectual capital of the world.

This country is fucked, but pretty soon I’ll just be laughing around the clock at this.

2 thoughts on “Think most conservatives aren’t stupid?”

  1. What’s funny is that most Hawaiians don’t really consider themselves to be part of the U.S. Maybe that’s a little strong. I’ve been out to Maui twice – and one of the best parts of the place was, to me, a feeling of real isolation from the U.S.

    U.S. news just wasn’t very important. Sumo results took precedence over the NBA or baseball. The local events were important, perhaps Pacific Rim and Japan. The States were just an abstraction. :)

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