Village Idiots

New Jersey is not exactly a “deep red” state, right? So I was a little surprised by the results of this poll. Among conservatives, 18 percent think that President Obama is the Anti-Christ and another 17 percent are just “not sure”. Thus, over one-third of New Jersey conservatives believe that Obama either is or could be the Anti-Christ.

I am appalled by this on a number of levels.

On the Rachel Maddow show last night, Frank Schaeffer, author of Crazy for God, had a spot-on comment, liking this group to “the village idiot” and stating that we cannot necessarily convince them of their error, but need to move past them:  “A village cannot reorganize village life in order to suit the village idiot”.

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4 thoughts on “Village Idiots”

  1. If they really believed that, wouldn’t they cease all efforts to thwart him? I mean, if this is all prophesy and God’s plan, then they would be impotent to “stop” him and if they did “stop” him, aren’t they thereby provinig he wasn’t the anti-christ after all? Seems the proper response is just to hunker down and wait for destiny to unfold. Even people who believe this crap can’t even get it straight.

  2. I agree with Schaffer’s comment in general, although I note that 5% of the respondents who now believe that Obama is the Antichrist actually voted for him last November! If he had lost those voters before the election then his potential winning margin would have been around 1% – ‘squeaky bum time’, as we say in the UK.
    Politically, at least, ignoring these people is not an option – I believe that Obama’s earlier strategy of letting the opposition control the Health debate was a mistake, he needs to charge in and play politics, because he’s not going to get the rational debate he wants until he closes down the screamers.
    Although a lot of people laughed at Carter for stating the obvious, that a lot of the reaction to Obama is based in racism, it really needed to be said, and Obama needs to take the cue and start standing up for himself a bit more.

  3. A point which I think is often overlooked is Schaffer’s assertion that a Republican needs to take a stand for sanity yet there doesn’t seem to be a person who can/will do this. Although the Democrats are now trying to do some things which do need to be done I don’t feel that any political party should hold such a powerful position for so long a time.

    Maybe out of the ashes of the Republican party will come two parties: one which espouses the views of the radical fundamentalist ignoramuses which languishes to the point of obscurity and another which becomes a viable political party which represents sane conservative Americans(I’m still pretending that they exist).

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