Today’s dose of bullshit from the Christian right

“Will Obama greet Muslims on Capitol Hill?”

So asks in its usual breathless, mindless way.

Those, poor, spurned Christians. When was the National Day of Prayer, anyway? And why the fuck do we have such a thing? Why not have a “watch out for black cats” day, and a “be especially careful not to walk under any ladders” day as well?

A political activist and former GOP presidential candidate says he wonders whether President Barack Obama — who essentially spurned Christians on the National Day of Prayer — will give a special greeting to a Muslim gathering scheduled later this month on Capitol Hill.

The event, called “Islam on Capitol Hill 2009,” will take place on Friday, September 25. It is being promoted as a day of Islamic unity “to express and illustrate the wonderful diversity of Islam.” The organizers also say they intend to “inspire a new generation of Muslims to work for the greater good of all people…regardless of race, religion, or national origin.” The event’s website says 50,000 people are expected to attend.

Gary Bauer, chairman of American Values, says he would like to see those who come to the event take a realistic look at radical Islamic terrorism.

“I certainly hope that those Muslims who are there will denounce Islamic fascism — the kind of extremism and regular violence we see around the world to kill Americans and kill others,” he says. “If they do that, then there would be something positive that would come out of the event.”

The conservative spokesman is curious how President Obama will treat the event. “Whether there’s any kind of special greetings or whatever,” says Bauer. “Most of us remember President Obama refused to do an event at the White House to mark the National Day of Prayer [in May], which was deeply disappointing and certainly put him in a category by himself in refusing to do that.”

In addition, last month the president made special notice of the beginning of the Muslim observance of Ramadan, producing and posting a five-minute video that Bauer said makes him wonder if the president actually understands the threat the U.S. faces from radical Islam.

Bauer says unlike coverage of most Christian venues, the mainstream media coverage of the upcoming Muslim gathering has been very positive and supportive.

If you don’t know who Gary Bauer is, by the way, this tells you about all you need to know.

As if resorting to touting Bauer as an authority were not sufficient to reaffirm the worthlessness of, enter Ray Comfort. Anyone familiar with Comfort is aware that he is a livid joke. This is a man who uses the banana as an example of “evidence” for intelligent design because it fits neatly into a human hand, kind of like an erect penis or the entirety of Comfort’s cerebrum.

Best-selling author and evangelist Ray Comfort hopes to give away tens of thousands of copies of a special edition of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species at colleges nationwide.

The special edition includes an introduction which poke holes in Darwin’s theory of evolution, and also provides insight into Darwin’s thoughts on God. Comfort discovered the book was public domain, so he decided to publish it, along with that special introduction. Fifty thousand copies of the book will be given away at universities throughout the United States this November.

“One of the universities [where it will be available] is Berkeley University, which says on their website that anyone is free to come and give out literature. What are they going to do? Ban The Origin the Species, especially when their own website sells it for $29.95, and we’re giving it away free,” he notes.

“We’re very excited to do this — and we need laborers to help us, and people can find out details through a video that Kirk Cameron has done at”

The book giveaway is set to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the book’s publication.

Note that Charles Darwin never published a book titled The Origin of Species (Christopaths routinely fuck this up) and that “an introduction which poke holes” is a construct most sixth-graders would immediately identify as wrong.

Finally, less than an hour ago, a blithering bitch named Maggie Gallagher, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, told attendees of a “values voters” summit hosted by the Family Research Council and broadcast by C-SPAN that defenders of “traditional marriage” had weathered storms of “hate” from Proposition 8 proponents after the measure was shot down. She said this with a straight face. This woman (and it would be gratuitous to point out that she is as physically repulsive as she is disgusting in general) is genuinely unaware of the amazing hypocrisy inherent in fighting against the right of same-sex couples to marry (something that cannot possibly affect anyone outside such an arrangement) and labeling others “hateful.”

That was only a warm-up, because afterward, Carrie Prejean, the hyperbimbotic twuntlike hominid who held the title of Miss America runner-up until she was relieved of this status owing to a failure to stop talking out of her stinkhole, assumed the dais and for the next ten minutes talked solely about herself and God’s plan for her, which apparently consists exclusively of beauty pageants and agitating against the freedoms of others. Naturally, she complained of being “attacked” for her views a sine qua non of Godheads and dirtbags in general. A more vapid individual you will never see.

The shit keeps flowing. Time for a run.

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  1. “certainly put him in a category by himself” – that’s simply not true. Bush the Lesser is the only President who took part in the National Prayer Day, which puts him in a category by himself, not Obama.

  2. How many skeptics would it take to cop all 50,000 copies?

    I’m just sayin’ that maybe they won’t end up in the hands that Ray intends . . .

    And welcome back Doc and all!

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