Idiot check (autumn version)

I’ve been successful lately at avoiding online time-wasters, including Facebook, a message board that only gets me in trouble anyway, and this place. But this morning I had to see what the idiot who calls itself Gribbit has been up to. It didn’t take long to determine that his fucktardation has in no way declined since he evidently “upgraded” his site.

I only looked at a couple of recent posts, which was enough to remind me of how stupid this character is, and that he should not be blogging. Here is a turd who refers to someone’s “slight of hand” without a trace of irony. Here is a barking shitheap who drops phrases such as “battle of rhetoric over who the Infestations believes…” and thinks not only that he’s skirting subject-verb mismatching, but that he’s making some kind of general sense. Here is a florid asshole who complains, with reference to President Obama, that “big brother is watching YOU” while ignoring the entirety of the Patriot Act. Here is a wizard who does not grok the multiple redundancies in phrases like “repeatedly re-elected to consecutive terms.” Here is a chap who points out that Obama was a senator before he was president as if this uniquely establishes Obama’s inadequacy.

People like Gribbit, whose family lives on the dime of the very government he continually derides, should shut the fuck up and not be permitted to vote. At times I have adopted the attitude that the U.S. is a great country precisely because worthless muddle-headed people have just as much say in the political process as intelligent people do, but of course this is unduly charitable and inane. The Gribbits of the world should not have Web presences, voting privileges, or any sort of palpable social presence. They should live in caves with bats and avoid all human contact, including screwing. They’re just fuck-ups whose entire conscious aim seems to be reaching for the highest possible levels of hypocrisy, stupidity, and dishonesty. And unfortunately these types always like to breed, with predictable results.

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  1. Winston Churchill (who spent a considerable amount of time defending that particular form of government) said: “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute talk with the average voter.”

  2. The statesman Mr. Churchill wouldn’t have needed more than 15 seconds with Gribbit, who, since this morning, has not only tried to ban me from visiting his site (any idiot knows that IP banning is a useless strategy, but then Gribbit is not just any idiot) but has sent me this in response to a jocular request to memberize his site:

    Mike Ontiches,

    You are receiving this email to inform you that your request for membership at Gribbit’s Word has been rejected for the following reason(s):

    Failure to provide a url to a website or blog owned and contributed to by you.

    Username: “school free drug zone”

    I regret to inform you that this is cause to perminantly bar you from registering in the future.

    Gribbit’s Word

    I’m so hurt.

  3. I like how he uses the purported lack of blog ownership as a rationale for not approving commenters.

    It’s hardly a mystery what’s going on here. Gribbit is an utter coward who refuses to allow any dissent on his blog. He pretends to talk big (and is unconvincing at it since he is functionally illiterate), but like so many wingnuts, exists solely as a pissant. No one gives a shit what he has to say.

  4. It is funny to me, though, how a lot of conservatards changed their tunes overnight from ‘hooray for democracy’ to ‘democracy sucks, Obama was elected, the masses are naive and easily lead sheeple’.

    I can’t see myself ever visiting this troll’s site, but I do enjoy your occasional reports on his doofery.

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