More lies from Gribbit

Gribbit is among those who have no qualms about writing about science topics despite the limits of having zero education and even less educability. Not for the first time, he is now claiming that Democrats have recently conceived of the term “climate change” in order to create a smokescreen–i.e., “global warming” is not backed by sound science, ergo liberals have invented a throwaway term in order to keep their myth alive.

That Gribbit is a liar and a moron has never been questioned, except perhaps by Gribbit himself, and I’m not even sure about that. The lies and idiocy in this latest outburst are straightforward and it would be amusing to see him try to defend them, in roughly the same way it would be entertaining to watch a monkey attempt to take a bite of one of its own turds without grimacing.

Gribbit writes:

We’ve all heard the old cliche about putting lipstick on a pig, but Democrats in particular seem to rely on futile attempts at doing so when things don’t go their way. For example global warming.

When it became abundantly evident that the MDI was beginning to lose their hold on the subject, they changed it to “global climate change”. Different name, same bad science.

Leaving aside the facts that it’s unclear what isn’t going Democrats’ way in the climate-change realm and that no one I am aware of is losing their hold (whatever that might be) on the matter, Gribbit cannot supply any reason supporting his declaration that global-warming theory is all bad science. He just bellows and expects (maybe) to be taken seriously. Cows don’t offer financial advice or prate on about the Hubble telescope; Gribbit has no more basis for yammering about climate change than a bovine has for expanding on Wall Street, yet he does it anyway.

The term “climate change” is, of course, nothing new. It has been around for as long as humans have recognized climate itself. It is not a surrogate for “global warming” or a backing off from the idea of a warming planet. Fuck-ups like Gribbit may or may not recognize this, but in any case cannot be bothered to tell the truth.

Gribbit also writes:

First the planet has a fever that is going to endanger all life on the planet inside of 100 years and we must act now to stave off certain destruction. Now, since the planet is actually cooling, they cannot make the same argument with a straight face, hence “global climate change.”

Interesting; I haven’t heard any scientists claim that all life on Earth will not survive the next century, and if I didn’t know that Gribbit is secretly a fucking genius, I’d accuse him of creating a laughably transparent straw man. I also don’t see any back-up for the idea that “the planet is actually cooling,” but when you’re a Gribbitian type, it means that you can just say things and expect them to ring true in the absence of supporting evidence as well as the presence of counter-evidence. In terms of temperature trends in recent years and decades, there are so many sources proving Gribbit wrong that it is difficult to select any one of them here, but this should work.

Note to Gribbit: Those funny-looking characters on the linked PDF are called numbers. Numbers, when assembled into a cohesive group, comprise an entity known as data, using which people with three times your cognitive candlepower formulate hypotheses and theories and draw conclusions. There is no subjectivity afoot here, no twisting or distortion or any of the other games your FOX “News” idols or anyone else you symbolically fellate engage in shamelessly and daily in the course of seeing how many mistruths you can generate and propagate. I’ll say it again, since I’m not convinced you ever squeaked past the fourth grade: These are objective numbers. Even if you want to assert that human activity has had no influence on recent warming trends, these trends unquestionably exist, although I suppose if you pretend that humans have yet to invent efficacious thermometers you can deny this without blinking.

You’ve blathered on for years with all the sophistication of a drunken platypus about solar flares and lying profit-diven liberal scientists and a cooling planet, as if you have clue one about what it is scientists do and why, and in this tireless blathering you can’t even be consistent, a feat that even dumbasses can often manage since they typically lack the creativity to vary their cache of lies. Despite your terminally addled outlook, you have every right to hate the fact that Barack Obama is the president, but when it comes to anything more complex than basic arithmetic (something you also suck balls at–has no one ever told you how many days there are in an Earth year?), I strongly advise you to shut your miserable mouth, not that you will, at this stage, ever be anything besides a drolly amusing source of entertainment for Internet surfers blessed with cerebral blood flow and an unqualified embarrassment to yourself.

Bitter dream-world inhabitant that he is, Gribbit can dismiss the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and similar sources to whatever extent suits him, and methodically rout scientists as being in the pocket of the liberal left when their conclusions counter his ass-brained hopes and wishes. This only makes him appear even more ignorant that he does even when not consciously being a hypocrite, assuming that such circumstances actually occur.

Following this joke of a treatise, Gribbit then segues into bitching about “the public option,” an easy stance to assume, I guess, when you live on the government dole and therefore have no concerns about health insurance.

Were Gribbit not a cowardly nonentity and actually willing to engage his detractors in conversation, I would ask him the questions held in this post directly. But Gribbit is the most pitiful form of spineless pisstard imaginable. On his blog he allows comments only from fellow wingnuts, and his continual effort to ban me from his site (guess what, my man–it doesn’t work) is a reflection of the same fingers-in-ears singin’ la-la-la orientation that led him to create and maintain a stunningly worthless shitblog in the first place.

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  1. What Gribbit also doesn’t understand or care to acknowledge is that while the planet as a whole has undergone a steady warming trend, local cooling can nevertheless occur in some regions, making “climate change” a more accurate term, even if its genesis is fundamentally misleading, But when a guy who thinks a year includes roughly 270 days and notes that something “is in the throws of near certain death,” it’s not hard to predict what his grasp of the world’s particulars is like.

    In theory it would be very difficult to fuck up virtually 100 percent of blog posts without a yeoman effort, but Gribbit is my hero when it comes to this skill. He’s now repeating the lie that the latest version of the healthcare bill specifically provides for federally funded abortions. This is what happens when dupes and dipshits become fans of sites like, where the dishonesty is screamingly loud to anyone with a hint of objectivity and a modicum of reading comprehension.

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