The AFA is full of shit? Wow, who knew?

The American Fuckup Association is busy today complaining about what it calls a “hate crimes” bill, which would, according to the rocket surgeons who send out the comically inept e-mails I receive from the AFA from time to time, “criminalize thought” and is “simply the first in a line of morally repugnant pro-homosexual bills” in Congress. In a childishly unoriginal touch, the AFA states that the bill “not only criminalizes thought, it creates a judicial caste system in which those who engage in non-normative sexual behavior perversely get more protection than heterosexuals.” I’d like to hear what these extra rights consist of, but people with intact brains don’t concern themselves with such ideas because they know it’s a line of shit.

And, of course, the AFA is really only spouting this crap out of self-interest, making sure to explain in thorough detail exactly how readers can piss their money away on this “organization.”

God apparently wanted former AFA head Donald Wildmon to be stricken with St. Louis encephalitis this summer, which sounds fine to me, but naturally ensured that Wildmon’s equally worthless spawn Tim would pick up the mindless chase.

Repugnant? It’s difficult to imagine anything being more repugnant than a gang of self-deluded douche nozzles who believe in judgmental sky fairies and feel compelled to spread the word, but this is a nation of intellectually bankrupt loudmouths, after all. If there were really a god who didn’t want gays serving in the military thanks solely to their being gay, then I would encourage that god to go suck a big dick along with all of his drool-bib-equipped fanfolk.

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  1. I like your style. Just what I was looking for really, something to brighten my day by ripping apart my least favorite group of people and their belief system. Faith by definition is the belief in something for which there is no proof.

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