The most hysterical anti-gay site in existence?

It’s troubling that some people are obsessed with denying gay people fair treatment to the point at which they seem to be afflicted with a genuine mental disorder that allows them to focus on little else. However, once this fixation reaches a certain level, it’s hard to do anything but laugh at these types.

A blog-like construct called “Mass Resistance” is dedicated to spreading falsehoods about the evils of homosexuality, and is peppered with the boilerplate jackhole nonsense about special treatment for gays and their unwavering compulsion to infect children with their sickness, generate and distribute pornography at every turn, and in general invite the downfall of civilization. Here is the “organization’s de facto mission statement:

The citizens of Massachusetts have had enough! End judicial tyranny, homosexual “marriage”, and homosexual activist recruitment of our children in the public schools! Preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage, the Culture of Life, and free speech! CAUTION: We deal openly and graphically with the Culture of Death. R-rated subject matter.

The irony of this site’s “writers” bitching about others’ spreading of propaganda and demands for certain forms of freedom would be amusing were it not such old, tired hat, and the site has all the sophistication of a MySpace profile created by a 15-year-old methamphetamine addict with a few extra chromosomes. But this post is a gem. Who can’t snicker at people getting their knickers in a wad over such things?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Harvard University’s Act Up Exhibit includes “Fierce Pussy”

Where’s the outrage?
“Fierce Pussy” are now “Artists in Residence” at Harvard University.
Don’t miss this new low achieved by Harvard, allowing Fierce Pussy’s “installations” at Carpenter Center and Gund Hall. Part of the Act Up retrospective exhibit through December 23, 2009.

Harvard’s Motto: “TRUTH”

Example of Fierce Pussy’s “art” (1993)

Posted by AMann

I’m glad that the “author” uses a handle designed to reassure readers that he is, in fact, A Man. Then again Aimie Mann of ‘Til Tuesday, a band formed in Boston, could be behind this stuff. Somehow, though, I doubt it.

The parent Web site is equally histrionic and worthless. I have to wonder if people who dedicate so much time to futilely and intrusively attempt to eradicate The Gay were poisoned as children or struck repeatedly in the head with heavy objects; I just don’t get how people can see this “lifestyle,” as they term it, as being remotely dangerous to anyone. Rampant ignorance combined with busybody inclinations is clearly a far greater societal danger, but of course these intellectual cripples can never appreciate this.

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  1. “their unwavering compulsion to … generate and distribute pornography at every turn”

    If true, you’d think they’d be more popular. Oh well.

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