Same-sex marriage and the “popular vote” nonsense

It’s no secret that sites like are the purview of undiluted asshats, created by and for cognitive cripples exemplified by the ghastly”Granite Grok” crew, “Gribbit”, and too many others. Every once in a while, these types will merely be wrong in lieu of flat-out lying, which hardly gives them a pass but in part helps explain their general worthlessness. is staffed by moronic champions of the Christ Jesus, but its perpetrators know damned well that they are lying around the clock and that America’s hyper-religious faction consists of people who are jaw-droppingly stupid and will therefore swallow whole every far-fetched pile of shit outlets such as theirs care to churn out.

Today, these assholes are in effect arguing that the legality of gay marriage, state by state, should fundamentally be a basic matter of what voters think. They embrace mob rule. They are citing the fact that in 31 states, the majority of citizens have opposed gay marriage, which is not surprising given the fraction of the populace that consists of mindless busybodies. But why does anyone give a fuck? I’m straight, but I think it’s time to come out in opposition to straight marriage because it too often results in breeding, which in turn virtually always results in FAIL. If married people are going to insist on fucking, then they ought to be more responsible about not doing it during those few hours a month when serious, lasting damage can occur.

I just cannot understand why anyone would truly care who others marry. In fact, when people babble on about gay marriage potentially leading to the legalization of person-domestic animal or person-tree marriage, I realize I’d be all for such things. If more people were wed to inanimate or non-human objects, fewer of them would be reproducing, something 95% of hominids are ill-advised to do owing to sheer genetic flaws and overwhelming idiocy.

Just imagine what would happen if the legality of church services boiled down to what people who are actually intelligent thought about it. If it were up to those with brains, religion as a whole would be shitcanned and its feeble-minded followers endlessly mocked for being slack-faced, uncomprehending yokels. If it were up to intelligent people, Christianity on the whole would have gone the way of the Dodo bird a long time ago. No one with a brain has any use for such bullshit.

The “article” states:

Five other states have legalized gay marriage — starting with Massachusetts in 2004, and followed by Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Iowa — but all did so through legislation or court rulings, not by popular vote.

Legislation! What fucking nerve! They should just let the citizenry vote on everything, especially in the American South, where the general degree of backwardness and ignorance is roughly that of Kandahar. If it were up to the average voting hick from Buttfuck, Indiana, women and black people would probably not be allowed to take part in civic affairs. By the way, if it seems as though I am singling out certain parts of the country for ridicule, it’s because I am. And we have a slew of dipshits here in New Hampshire as well, especially given that the state’s population is roughly that of Dallas, Texas.

Had Maine’s law been upheld, the result would probably have energized efforts to get another vote on gay marriage in California, and given a boost to gay-marriage bills in New York and New Jersey.

Guess what, fuckheads: Those energetic efforts will continue regardless. That’s what people do in response to miserable half-wits like the ones behind It’s kind of a tradition, this biting back at the moron brigade. And ultimately, it always works.

One of these days, long after I’m gone, anyone blithering on about Jesus Christ as if it were a historical figure will be laughed out of the frigging room. He or she will be granted all of the legitimacy currently bestowed upon those few putative souls who nowadays believe that Zeus is king of the universe. They and their anti-science, anti-basic-sense stances will become wholly meaningless, just like they are. And it cannot happen soon enough.