Anti-government-healthcare protester saved by…the government

The idiot quotient in this country is beyond my toleration or understanding. This story merely illustrates the obvious–that people who bitch about government-sponsored healthcare are the least qualified to speak on this matter, or about anything. It only figures that uberclown Michele Bachmann was somehow involved.

[A] man standing just beyond the TV cameras apparently suffered a heart attack 20 minutes after event began. Medical personnel from the Capitol physician’s office — an entity that could, quite accurately, be labeled government-run health care — rushed over, attaching electrodes to his chest and giving him oxygen and an IV drip.

This turned into an unwanted visual for the speakers, as a D.C. ambulance and firetruck, lights flashing, pulled in just behind the lawmakers. A path was made through the media section, and the patient, attended to by about 10 government medical personnel, was being wheeled away on a stretcher just as House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) stepped to the microphone. “Join us in defeating Pelosi care!” he exhorted. A few members stole a glance at the stretcher.

Fucking idiots. This country stands little chance.

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