So Carrie Prejean is a hypocrite? Wow to that!

So it turns out that disgraced former Miss California Carrie Prejean, an outspoken opponent to Prop 8, is not quite the pure Christian lady she has pretended to be.

Look, I’m all for people filming themselves masturbating or whatever it was Prejean was doing to cause this mess, if that’s your thing. But this is a self-promoting Christian who constantly propounded her alleged faith while railing against the moral transgressions of others. And sure, she was basically just a stupid kid at the time she made her comments, although that is probably both condescending and giving her an unfair pass. But who makes a sex tape starring only himself or herself? I mean, if I were ever moved to do such a thing, I would have to have at least one other person in the video to offset the raw damage viewing just me playing with myself would do to someone’s eyes. Even given the case of a co-conspirator, I would balk at watching the output. Fuck, I don’t need to watch that.

I am eagerly awaiting the response from, which will surely condemn this event. Or ignore it altogether, as these useless hypocrites always do.

3 thoughts on “So Carrie Prejean is a hypocrite? Wow to that!”

  1. There are lots of people who are fans of the “solo” video. They are all over the pr0n sites… not that I would personally know… OK I love solo videos and lesbian videos and hard core – but that’s all. None of your granny trannies or scat or humps with stumps stuff. Nossir. So maybe this was a try-out vid – her big break in film could have come from this effort. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being in the sex trades. The problems arise from the moralizing biddies and hypocritical shitheads drive it underground and to the fringes where the unscrupulous can then more easily take advantage of the vulnerable. Prostitutes, porn stars and other sex workers need a strong Union. But like so many other things the bigoted god-soaked retards in our society find icky, sex will always be evil unless it is of the husband on top get it over with quick make a good christian baby every time variety.

    And I don’t think there really is a video. Show me. I want evidence. Real bad.

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