And of course these assholes have to chime in, in decrying the idea of affordable healthcare for all Americans, is claiming that the House’s vote favoring H.R. 3962 is “monstrous” and “a defiance of the will of the American people.” They base this on the fact that some polls have supposedly demonstrated that a majority of Americans oppose this administration’s ideas about such reform. But since they never cite their sources, I don’t know where they get their numbers. One recent Gallup Poll survey suggests that the current plan versus some hypothetical alternative plan (or the status quo) runs about 50/50 among the voting populace.

Regardless, the worth of the supposed, and generally misrepresented, “will of the people” is grossly overstated by shitblogs like this one. Keep in mind that if it were strictly up to popular vote, creationism would likely supplant evolution in schools and avowed adherence to Christianity (something I could never successfully fake) would be mandatory in much of the U.S. We live in a country of fuckheads. People on the whole don’t read anything meaningful, don’t think outside of the gut reactions they have to their cable programs of choice, and think that the ability to understand the themes in a supermarket flyer constitutes the strength to be a literary critic. What the majority somehow thinks about any topic of choice should factor into the political process as strongly as what a Red Sox fan’s ideas concerning the fate of the Yankees in the World Series do.

But if one gives credence to this “will” in one area, he must give it in others. Therefore, since favorable opinion of Obama’s performance now outpaces his poor ratings by a factor of 54 percent to 41, his endlessly whining and dissembling opponents need to shut the hell up and respect the will of real Americans everywhere.

John Boehner is a shameless liar who deserves as much access to higher office as Carrot Top. He says people want a “common-sense approach to health care reform,” an appropriately vacuous and substance-devoid statement from someone whose job description is “fuck whatever the Democrats do.” He’s too stupid to be at all convincing in his deliveries to the press, but in that area has lots of good company.

Most people in the United States are far too weak-minded to contribute in a positive way to the political process as it stands and should be thanking the Christ Jesus for the fact that America freely allows functional illiterates and Elmer Fudd clones to vote on anything. But thanks to the wonders of our version of democracy, they are treated as equals and are therefore misled into thinking that the shit they have to say has more merit than that of a gopher on Ecstasy. It’s fun to watch them get mad, but irksome from the standpoint of realizing how mentally crippled the average hominid really is.