World to end (again) on Wednesday

It’s tempting to view sites like this as parodies of other, genuine End Times sites, but this one must be the real deal. The giveaways: The endless amount of material on the home page (no parodist would make such an effort), the circa-1994 design format, and the color scheme.

You would think that with the number of such prophecies that have come and gone without incident that these nuts would get a clue and quit predicting specific dates on which the Rapture will occur. If had believed since 1986 that if I drove a car on the first day of every month, I would get in a fatal crash, I would ultimately have cede the belief, as would even the dimmest of halfwits. But then again if you embrace something as crazy as eschatology in the first place and see the Book of Revelation as a compelling analysis, you’re not the world’s most preeminent logician

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