Another Nubble update, and pull out your kleenexes

Turns out that she has cancer of the spleen, a very aggressive kind. There’s not a damned thing that can be done now other than provide Nubble with comfort measures. She’s got weeks to live, at best, and my mom is going to have to decide when to have her put down, which is fucking devastating, little different from a Sophie’s choice when you’ve had a companion as loyal as this sweetheart for nine years.

My mom is going to pick her up tonight, and wants to spend a day alone with her tomorrow. That I get. Thursday morning, I’ll head over to my parents’ and bawl my eyes out, just like I’m doing now.

5 thoughts on “Another Nubble update, and pull out your kleenexes”

  1. Terribly sad news. Even more so that she is at such a beautiful age for a Golden, when they have a kind of wisdom and dignity about them. I hope her remaining days are as good as can be under the circumstances.

  2. :-( I’m sorry to hear this…I was hoping it was something they could take care of, and your family would have Nubble for another few years.

  3. Fuck. It’s exactly like what I went through with my golden, Nutmeg, last spring. Started off thinking it was Lyme; then arthritis; and finally found out it was pancreatic cancer.

    Enjoy the time you have left with her.

  4. Ugh man. So sorry to hear that. Went through essentially the same thing last year with my 12 year old lab. It’s tough but it’s part of the bargain, as they say. You’ll be doing her the favor of allowing her to go in less pain than she would without you. I know that doesn’t make it easier.

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