Greeting foreign leaders in culturally appropriate ways = ANTI-AMERICANISM!

I really can’t get enough of superfluously bashing the useless Internet presence that less-than-flatteringly labels himself Gribbit, who in his real “life” is a functionally illiterate blowhard who likes spending his monthly SSDI disability check on bashing all things associated with liberalism.

The beetle-browed Gribbit is compelled by his reptilian sub-cerebral core to bash President Obama for the most trivial of “offenses,” and he’s done so now in a post brilliantly titled “Obama Bows To Yet ANOTHER Foreign Monarch” by bitching about the manner in which Obama recently greeted Emperor Akihito of Japan: with a traditional bow. I didn’t realize that Japan was an enemy of the state, but more to the point, I didn’t know that it was critical to avoid performing the symbolic equivalent of a handshake in order to preserve U.S. sovereignty.

The extent to which intellectual failures such as Gribbit will go in order to bash a president they as welfare recipients should be grateful for is astonishing, or would be, were stupidity not what it too clearly is. Ignore Gribbit’s limitless supply of Gratuitous Capital Letters and Other Fuckups, and note instead that he writes that “Emperor Barry hasn’t received a protocol briefing because he has bowed to yet another foreign monarch.” I was unaware that the president isn’t supposed to do such things, by definition. I guess Gribbit must have an insider in the State Department.

He then goes on to post the caption “Barack Hussein Obama bows before Emperor Akihito of Japan” beneath a nonexistent photograph. Inclusion of Obama’s middle name in a blog post is a sign of fucktardation with both a sensitivity and a specificity approaching 100 percent. It is a giveaway that the complainant is a weak-minded observer with the cognitive candlepower of a fire ant. This is not news when it comes to Gribbit, but at least he’s diligent about maintaining his profile.

Gribbit opines:

Does this man actually think that the United States of America is inferior to the rest of the nations of the world or is his lack of protocol pathological? Personally I think its rather Freudian in that he doesn’t mean to publicly project American subduction to the world as he works to bring about our enslavement to a one world governmental body. The true answer however is probably much more simple – He’s a moron. Along with this very real truism, he’s also an embarrassment to this nation.

It’s ever so quaint to call others morons when deploying the its/it’s transposition. That confers the kind of grand credibility typically reserved for, say, Darryl Strawberry in his heyday, or perhaps Lindsay Lohan.

If someone can explain how Obama’s bowing to Akihito suggests inferority I’d be glad to entertain the idea. Otherwise I’m just going to have to conclude that Gribbit isn’t too bright. I would also bet my life that he has not read a word by or about Sigmund Freud, as he has no concept of how the word “Freudian” is used by people with a clue. And if he can support the blind accusation that Obama favors a “one-world government” and U.S. “enslavement” to same, I’d be interested to read it, but evidently this is (surprise!) just one more example of a demented wingnut throwing around terms that make him feel marginally better as he blathers into a void.

Gribbit continues:

Barack Hussein Obama has done more in his first 9 1/2 months in office to demean the office of President of the United States than any previous Chief Executive. And that is saying a lot as he follows in the footsteps of Slick Willy and his moronic questioning of the word is.

So in Gribbit’s view, the U.S. had no president between January 2001 and January 2009. Actually, he’s not far off, but in this pointless paragraph only underscores what a blind and hapless fuck-up he is. It’s not easy to elide the eight years George Bush spent in office unless you’re a nutjob of Gribbit’s caliber.

Gribbit says that “Obama jet-sets around the world embarrassing the United States by bowing to foreign monarchs, people here at home continue to lose jobs by the thousands per day.” I’d like to see the connection between these circumstances. What’s the bow:job-loss ratio? Anyone have a decent guess?

It’s no use quoting anything else from this increasingly irrelevant and ham-handed post. I’m amazed that Gribbit doesn’t wake up every day confused about how to go about feeding himself. He really is that dim, and is a discredit to an already calamitous species.

There’s no shame in being diagnosed with social anxiety and declared unable to work–except, that is, when you are effectively getting paid to carry the diagnosis and somehow manage to bash “socialism,” and incessantly and publicly manage to pretend you would be better off in a world where people had to truly fend for themselves with no help. If genuinely left to his own devices, Gribbit would be on the streets.

When you know at four months’ gestation that your wife is going to give birth to a daughter with spina bifida, and decide at that point to become a proud pro-choice Catholic in spite of having no resources of your own, you are admitting in no uncertain terms that you expect the public to pick up the tab for your upcoming kid’s crippling and costly disease. But that mindset comes easy to someone who himself is already on the dole yet willing to rant endlessly about government assistance and those who enable it. It’s both fascinating and pathetic at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Greeting foreign leaders in culturally appropriate ways = ANTI-AMERICANISM!”

  1. “to become a proud pro-choice Catholic in spite of having no resources of your own”

    Err, I’m guessing from the context that this should be “pro-life”. Although I often get confused with these code words that are used in the US. I try to remember PZ’s definition of the two sides of the debate – “pro-choice or anti-woman”, but I might have got the life/choice part mixed up.

  2. Ouch! That was so ghastly a mistake I’m loath to even fix it. A shining jewel among the huge trove of Internet fuckups. Thanks.

  3. It’s fair to fix it, for the sake of readingisness at least, just as long as the comments remain.

    What amazed me mostly in the post though was Gribbit’s total arrogance. There is an expression in the UK, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This is a basic diplomatic principle, that you deal with people on their home ground the way they expect to be treated. This was the way the British Empire was run, with governors bowing to the local kings (who were basically vassals to the British crown). This satisfied the local ruler’s ego without really changing the reality of power. Japan, though, is not even a vassal state – it’s close to being an equal of the USA.

    I know Gribbit is an imbecile, but does he really believe that the US rules the world and that all other countries should bend to its will? The recent attempts to change the world (Iraq, for example) don’t seem to have really worked and hint that the US should maybe back down, just a little bit.

    I’m sure Gribbit reads this blog, so come on – what about a war with Japan, so that they respect the President? The US won the last one and could win the next one tomorrow (for the same reason). A new golden age for the USA!

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