More lies and hilarity from Granite Grok

After former NH Republican Party chairman Fergus Cullen, whom I happened to run against in high school and who was later a Central Mass Striders teammate for several years, wrote an editorial deriding in the wake of the Doug Lambert debacle, sole remaining Grokster Skip Murphy came out with guns blazing, or more accurately, popguns popping and squirt-guns dribbling.

This crew has had a hard-on for Fergus for years because he, like everyone not named Attila the Hun, is not nearly conservative enough and also has the temerity to criticize fellow Republicans where appropriate. Fergus’ column redoubled their hatred for him, which is funny because I’m sure he anticipated every last first-waving insult and impotent rebuttal Murphy has produced since the editorial as published. And, of course, it brought out the best of the typical Grok blogger and commenter’s prevarication skills and incompetence in various areas.

In a post titled “Fergus Cullen–political opportunist?” Skip takes umbrage at Fergus’ characterizing Lambert et al. as voices with no measurable audience. what Fergus really meant by this is that as ultra-far-right goons and nutballs, Granite Grok inspires no politician in the state to secure an endorsement from them, but what Skip disliked is the accurate insinuation that they’re an outfit with a tiny audience.

Skip describes the broadcast region of the radio show that just went belly up as “the highly competitive Lakes Region area (around a 30,000 population).” 30,000? Yeah, that’s right up there with the major players like metro Boston, as long as you discount the fact that it’s about 200 times smaller.

But better still was this:

GraniteGrok has an Alexa rating of being in the top 0.538% of the websites it tracks. And that is WITHOUT me doing any SEO tuning (one of these days I’ll get around to it, but we’ve never written to “get rankings”).

I have no idea where he gets this nonsense from, but a look at Alexa’s traffic stats for tells a vastly different tale: about 170,000th in the world in traffic rank. Alexa way well track the 34 million or so sites that would be required to get Granite Grok in the top 1/2 of 1 percent in total traffic, but I doubt it. What’s more, the reported traffic stats from Granite Grok are misleading anyway; a look at their Sitemeter numbers shows that around 50% of their hits come from Google image searches alone–in other words, from people with no intention of landing on the blog. A politically oriented site that gets 50,000 or so visitors a month is simply not a busy site. (This one isn’t either in its new home, but we like it that way and don’t consider ourselves activists or important; we just like to crack wise.)

Every post on this wingnut-infested excuse for a Web presence is a debacle, and they have offered Fergus exactly the childish, impotent reaction that surely puts a huge smile on Fergus Cullen’s melon.