Nubble, 2000-2009

I knew she’d go downhill fast with my parents down in Florida. I just knew it.

Nubble had to be euthanized this morning after bleeding into her abdomen uncontrollably.

Right now I want to walk outside and punch some stranger in the face just for being there. Probably not the best instinct, so I think I’ll stay put.

7 thoughts on “Nubble, 2000-2009”

  1. Shit.
    That’s exactly how mine went – almost bled to death internally before I could get her to the vet.
    Goodbye to Nubble.
    (thanks for letting us know)

  2. I got my first dog at 13 and had to put him down when I was 27. I will always remember what the vet told me, he said that you own him this as much as those first shots when he was a puppy. It isn’t easy for you but you are doing what is right for the animal who puts all of his trust in you.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. This is sad news. I don’t why, but sometimes I feel worse about nice doggies leaving us than people I know. I think it has something to do with their unconditional love and unflagging general happiness to see us.

    Lift some weights, eat some chocolate, listen to some King Crimson (or Stravinsky, or whatever) and remember the happy moments. Those aren’t going anywhere.

  4. Sad to hear it Kevin. I remember when my dog Gypsy died while I was in High School. I haven’t been able to get close to another pet since.

    Playing the piano or Wii boxing usually helps me with my emotions when they’re out of control.

    Good luck to you.

  5. Ohhh, Nubble. good night

    Don’t hit, kemibe, embrace. When you are able, love your neighbor as you were loved by the dog.

    I share your sorrow in the names of Ol’ Puddin, Zipper and Buttons, Gypsy, T’chaka and Mercury, Bad Eye and Big ‘Un, Ol’ Pete, Whitey P.Dog, TriStar, Bear, Nika and that huge shepherd/wolf cross that gave me an unexpected fright that was really a welcome! You’re in good company. Probably a pup in your distant future just because, well, you used to like to have a dog around the place . . .

    I know, man. Doggone dogs. Where do they get off thinking they can teach us anything of value?

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