Gribbit’s latest hilarity

In a post attempting to address the “ClimateGate” “scandal” that naturally turned out to be complete horseshit (and if you want a sound analysis of this, read this post on EnviroKnow and this one by Chis Mooney), Gribbit writes:

CO2 will likely continue to increase no matter what the temperature does. CO2 is a naturally occurring gas on this planet. It is necessary for plants to grow. And in spite of what is commonly known about CO2, it does more than make cola fizzy. It actually causes man to breath [sic]. You read that right.

Yeah, I read it right. Thanks for the stunning revelation. Virtually no one knows that plants require carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Gribbit must be working on a biology Ph.D. in his spare time.

It is the CO2 build-up in our lungs that causes us to exhale. Once we exhale, our bodies’ need for oxygen sparks us to inhale and the process starts all over. (Attention DRONES, this information comes from a Pulmonologist who treats my daughter at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – I think I have this one).

Yeah, Gribbit, you have this one. Gribbit FTW! Except that he doesn’t explain how human respiratory physiology relates to global climate change secondary to CO2 emissions resulting from human industrial endeavors. In the small-minded worlds of people like him, stating that a given substance is useful in some realms proves that it can never be damaging in others.

The rest of his post is, as always, strewn with errors, misinterpretations, and painful efforts to string coherent and complete sentences together. And anyone who believes that the unruly-looking communiques of a few scientists–even if as damning as claimed, which is doubtful–overturn the massive body of data supporting anthropogenic climate change is obviously not much of a scientific thinker, or, more to the point, has his head up his ass. But the bit about breathing was the crown shit-jewel in this offering. At the end of the post, in an update to his original post in which he uses the joke site as a source, he even admits that he was going on misinformation earlier, yet can’t grasp this significance of, and message in, this fact.

Gribbit is among those people who are genuinely immune to reason. There are people out there who know a little about science who make honest mistakes when they blog because they’re lazy about fact-checking, and others who have good intentions but rely on seemingly credible but questionable sources, and still others who know the facts but lie about them anyway. Gribbit is on a different plane and belongs to the breed of wingnut Americans who are simply too dim to know what they don’t know. Babbling about a two-year “trend” in global climate change is not something people with any intellectual embers glowing do, regardless of whether sunspot activity is invoked or not (and if Gribbit cared to investigate, he’d learn that the past ten years have seen a general warming trend despite a decrease in “solar forcing”, as detailed in the “Executive summary” section of this document). He’s like a little kid in a room full of auto-industry execs screaming, with genuine confidence, that the average curb weight of a Corvette is a couple of ounces because that’s about how much the toys in his collection of Hot Wheels weigh. You can’t change minds like this, but you can laugh at them.

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