Irony meters a-cracklin’

A climate-change denialist writes an op-ed piece asserting that scientists are fabricating global warming owing to financial self-interest…and it’s published in Forbes magazine.

The real irony, though, is that the denialists are clearly the ones with their wallets front and center. I’m fairly certain that the multi-frigtillion-dollar energy industry had taken notice of what climatologists are churning out and are not shy about hiring shills and enlisting “think tanks” (which are anything but, except for the “tank” part) to methodically drum up skepticism. If it’s all about the almighty dollar, then why are so many researchers getting paid a pauper’s salary on board with the consensus?

It’s very easy to convince the slack-jawed public–which on the whole lacks the time, background, and intelligence to get its information from legitimate sources instead of Sean Hannity–that there is a “debate” in cases where, from a scientific standpoint, there isn’t one. People like to think it’s only fair to assume that there are always two more or less equal sides to every story, and even the hallowed NY Times has played along with this lately. It’s not fair, it’s mindless. Anyone who still thinks an evolution-creation “debate” is anything but a sideshow is deluded. People need to know where to look for reality rather than think its rests on the outcome of a couple of participants in a shouting match like this one, which accomplished nothing but has a hilarious final few seconds.

Note that Mark Morano is the consummate American: loud, full of shit, most likely overweight, prone to interrupting others, and with an oversized forehead. Andrew Watson, on the other hand, looks and sounds like Richard Dawkins after a few unhappy weeks on someone’s couch and an ample supply of narcotic painkillers.

This state of affairs is never going to change. When there’s a clear scientific consensus about something, people who have a monetary or emotional stake in the opposing belief simply attack the scientists. With regard to evolution, the Jesus fanatics, lacking the option of claiming Charles Darwin was in it for the money, mock his character, make up lies about deathbed recantations, and claim that evolutionists today are motivated first and foremost by an eagerness to attack God. Hence, the Discovery Institute and its endless supply of duplicitous drivel. This kind of silly shit should fail on its face, but it doesn’t, because we’re a nation consisting largely of grimly brainwashed waterheads who effectively believe in monsters in the closet as sentient adults and prefer it that way, more concerned with what’s on sale at Target, where the remote control was last seen, and how much Viagra is left than with fact-seeking.

This is why I pick on Gribbit so often. Sure, he’s a brain-dead, meaningless stupid hack shouting into a void and determined to keep reality at bay by disallowing dissent. But he’s representative of more people than many may realize. He gets his news from shit sources in order to confirm his preconceived, emotionally rooted and misinformed ideas, and he trumpets them to the world so that other idiots may indulge and spread the fallacious gospel.

This was only supposed to be a paragraph long.

4 thoughts on “Irony meters a-cracklin’”

  1. Yes, that is an hilarious final few seconds and I think the video pretty much encapsulates what I call “The American Style of Debate, Post 2000”. The very concept of considered debate is pretty much gone in the USA. It has been replaced by brutish bluster. I would go so far as to say that right and wrong, truth and falsity, matter nil to the practitioners. All that matters is “their side” winning, no matter the consequences. American politics is just another variety of sport and which features primarily only two “teams”.

  2. The problem with considered debate is that it bores the slack-jawed public. You can still find it on the PBS News Hour (last time I checked) and how many people watch that? Nope, American TV loves big fat stupid loudmouths like Mark Morano, who think (presumably) and speak in sound bites.

    Incidentally, anyone catch Bill Nye on CNN last night defending the consensus climate change science. He was unbelievably awful – it was painful to watch.

  3. I think that Watson thought he was off-camera when he made his “asshole” remark (and I’m amazed it wasn’t “arsehole”) since the proceedings had been called to an end and he muttered it under his breath.

    Nice to know that the BBC features the same bullshit diet of yammer-happy TV that feeds the American public. My dad watches FOX and MSNBC in a programmed effort to work himself into a lather, but I never watch any of that (I’ll watch the Daily Show and Colbert online with a couple days’ delay) as my idiot quotient is maxed out by 10 in the morning after I’ve read Pharyngula and otherwise gone trolling for prey in my usual manner.

    I’ll look for an online version of that Nye segment, just to feed my demons.

    1. Kev –

      Usually the BBC doesn’t have the “Ugly American” on. I wish there was an American station that covered the states like BBCNews does the world.

      Like you, I get most of my “news” from Colbert and Stewart.

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