Gribbit pronounces U.S. Constitution dead! Oh shit! Who knew?

I’m tempted to give far-right-wing unhinged laughingstocks like Gribbit credit for being persistent if nothing else. Rare is the blogger who can carry on a crusade against reality in so tireless and passionate a manner. But really, persistence has nothing to do with it. Stupid people, absent the willingness or the ability to learn anything, can expend enormous amounts of energy repeating themselves without possessing that which qualify as an impressive level of focused drive in people of normal cognitive candlepower. They’re basically on autopilot, continually churning out the same senseless and deluded shit in the same way a termite mindlessly chews its way through an impressive amount of wood.

Gribbit’s latest crusade is against the healthcare reform bill, something he has no understanding of. He has written post after misinformed post on the matter in recent weeks, with no end in sight. In a solemn proclamation unleashed four days ago, Gribbit has declared the U.S. Constitution dead. He says that both the healthcare reform bill and Roe v. Wade violate the Constitution, something wingnuts–in particular functionally illiterate ones–like Gribbit always say when they dislike a particular piece of legislation. Apparently, SCOTUS justices know less about the real law of the land than some witless insult factory who, like every good wackaloon, has no idea what he’s railing against and is proudly agitating against his own self-interest.

See, this guy’s family relies on the government for its health care. Gribbit once admitted this and then deleted the post (which remains in the Wayback Machine). His daughter was born with a dread disease and certainly deserves the support of taxpayer dollars. But it continues to mystify me why someone in his position would scream and yell about how the government would only wreck healthcare if allowed to assume a greater role. He’s like someone who screams about the dangers of hunting to the general public in between bouts of drunken skeet-shooting. I really don’t get it. He seems like kind of a methed-up version of Walter Mitty, imagining himself as a successful businessman with a vested interest in ultra-low taxes instead of someone who admittedly went on government disability for a psychological disorder and compensates by lashing out from behind a keyboard. The guy might have my sympathy if he wasn’t so insistent on using the word “libtard” and variations thereof about three times in an average post, but I’ve got my own problems and I have no qualms about calling out a hypocritical windbag every time he angrily and publicly puts his vehement ignorance on display.

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  1. Eeeh, I hate to defend Gribbit…well, no, I’m not going to defend him. But the health care bill might in fact be unconstitutional. Of course it depends on a) what kind of health care bill we actually get (and we don’t really know that at this time, do we Gribbit?), and b) what the Supreme Court declares. If we want to claim the Constitution is dead, we might want to begin by focusing on the Bush and Obama administration’s combined assaults on due process.

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