A sure sign of a crippled intellect…

…is the non-ironic or non-satirical use of the phrase, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” I am not anti-gun ownership, but this is a quite obviously, even trivially stupid slogan. One could substitute practically anything into this scheme and have it “work”: Knives don’t stab people, people stab people! Food doesn’t nourish people, people nourish people! Dildos don’t…OK, I’ve made my point.

So it comes as non surprise whatsoever that good old Skip, continuing to ensure that Granite Grok remains the locus of boisterous idiocy upon which it stakes its backward reputation, has used this phrase in a post bemoaning the reinstatement of a ban on guns in New Hampshire’s legislative offices and the Upham Walker House, a historic landmark north of downtown Concord. Horrors, right? Skip cites statistics showing that U.S. gun sales rose 12% in 2009 while the murder rate dropped 10%, but he ignores the fact that fair-minded researchers don’t see a correlation and that there are, as always, subtleties (which are not Skip’s strong suit) to consider. And what moved the legislature (which has a significant Democrat majority) to reinstate the ban? In Skip’s own words?

The ban was reinstituted now after several lawmakers said they felt threatened during a vote last March relating to states’ rights, when about 15 armed individuals “shouted threats at members of the House from the gallery,” Hassan said. There were schoolchildren in the gallery at the time.

So whose fucking fault was this, really?

After his usual flurry of gratuitously capitalized words and phrases (“Federal Government,” “Democrat Leadership”) Skip goes on to use the United Kingdom as an example of how tight gun laws don’t lower crime. This is a bizarre strategy, given that the homicide rate in the U.K. is, at last count, three times lower than that in the U.S. TIP: When trying to make a point, don’t cite sources that undermine it. Wingnuts have a real problem in this area.

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  1. Hey. I Gratuitously Capitalize words too. All of my English friends look at the gun ownership statistics and the kids walking into schools and shooting it up and they just shake their heads.

  2. Would it be impolite to ask Skip what relevance general gun crime statistics have to the potential for a particular part of the population to suffer crime of that nature? Surely we could use his reasoning to recommend that the Secret Service be disbanded – after all gun crime is down, so nobody is going to take a shot at the President, are they?
    It amazes me that the gun lobby always points to the UK for this sort of thing; wouldn’t it be better to look at Switzerland – a relatively stable population, very loose gun laws, and very low gun crime – to make your case. Perhaps Skip gets confused about where Switzerland actually is – those Sw countries are tough – is it the long thin country at the top with all the blondes, or the landlocked country in the middle with the clocks and cow bells?? Perhaps it’s on another continent altogether, maybe the one between South Africa and Mozambique – that one is landlocked as well! Geography is difficult when your head is stuck up your arse.

  3. hopper:

    Skip, doing his best to continue playing the Butthead on that blog after Beavis recused himself in the wake of homophobic comments on Internet radio, is not the kind of person who “gets” things. He doesn’t understand the irony of noting the VA Tech shooting spree and other school shootings at the high-school and university level (which were unheard of until the past 25 years) and stating that a fully armed populace would solve the problem. He also doesn’t understand that quoting nationwide statistics about gun ownership vis-a-vis murder rates is an epic failure. He’s not educable and doesn’t want to be, so I just bash him. I didn’t even look at any recent posts besides this one, but choosing anything he says at random is invariably an opportunity to rout an idiot. It’s pointless, maybe, but we have a lot of those types stateside, and I’m in about the most liberal, most educated state in the country by many measures. I know better than to think that this trend can outpace small pockets of dumbfucks.

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