If you don’t think hardcore Christianity is mind poison…

…then you need to take a look at the results of this creation vs. evolution poll.

First of all, the validity of evolution does not hinge on public opinion. If 90% of Americans voted to classify baboons as reptiles or birds, it wouldn’t change the biological reality.

Secondly, the poll itself, like most offered by the haywire fucktards who operate OneNewsNow.com, is structured so as to exclude anyone standing a chance to send up a meaningful vote. And like most backward religious sites, it conflates cosmology with biology in mentioning the Big Bang.

As of 6 p.m. EST, here was the breakdown:

The first chapter of Genesis says it all – literally – 88.76%
God created the earth, but probably populated the planet through the evolutionary process – 6.80%
Scientific explanation (Big Bang theory, for example) is more believable than Genesis 1 – 1.67%
I do not attend church – 2.77%

4002 responses

That 89 percent of any group of Americans could believe that the marvelously silly account offered in Genesis 1 is even remotely plausible is frightening. Granted, OneNewsNow.com selects for particularly addled, hilljack Jesus fans who have probably never wandered more than ten miles from their hookworm-belt homes. Nevertheless that’s still absurd. I’d like to gather the respondents to this poll in one huge coliseum and scream through a megaphone, “YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA HOW IGNORANT YOU ARE. IF YOU WON’T AGREE TO DRINK LYE IMMEDIATELY, PLEASE GET STERILIZED PRONTO.”

But naturally, the dumbest people in any society are the most avid breeders, eager to fling their bastardized and broken chromosomes into the gene pool like a sociopath dumping 3000 gallons of LSD into the Quabbin Reservoir. Anyone can figure out how screw, even those who think that the world is 6,000 years old and that a wooden boat 500 feet could both hold a pair of every kind of animal on the planet but survive for over a month in a storm raising the water table 29,000 feet in a remarkably short time.

And to think I only went to the site looking to see if there were any aggrieved screechings about a recent Family Guy episode in which Chris Griffin dates a girl with Down Syndrome who claims to be the offspring of Sarah Palin.

3 thoughts on “If you don’t think hardcore Christianity is mind poison…”

  1. (Ham) noted, “and in fact Christians are now more than ever being openly mocked.”

    And if they believe this shit, that reaction is entirely appropriate.

  2. Yeah, lots of holidays lately. Four in a row if you count Mardi Gras as a holiday.

    Most Catholics I know have no quarrel with evolution. The waterheads who infest OneNewsNow.com represent a particularly addled and thinking-resistant brand of believer, but I wouldn’t have guessed it was as bad as these numbers imply. The epitome of the lowest-common-denominator phenomenon.

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