Olympic women’s downhill final

The race goes off at 2 p.m. EST and will feature four Americans. Here are two of them, Lindsey Vonn (L) and Julia Mancuso, deep in the heart of heavy training for the challenging event.

Vonn is the prohibitive favorite. In the race, I mean. She was also on an unjustifiably controversial Sports Illustrated cover lately.

It’s nice to know that these young ladies have already figured out how to market themselves outside of skiing just in case a bad fall results in a blown-out ACL or something and spells the end of competitive skiiing.

One thought on “Olympic women’s downhill final”

  1. I would have posted separately about this but didn’t want to ruin things for the few holdouts who watch events on tape delay rather than surf the Web for live results. Vonn and Mancuso took the Gold and Silver medals. No American woman had ever once this event in the 62 years since its inception, so this was a truly special occasion. Maybe there’s something to appearing three-quarters nude online after all.

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