My latest favorite example of right-wing hypocrisy

I promise to quit mixing Sarah Palin into every post, but she’s just such a rich source of pointless blogging material that I have to add this one to the pile. Plus, my entire world was shattered when I lost my commenting privileges on her fan page.

Last August, White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel was overheard calling moderate congressional Democrats “fucking retards.” Smart move. Even “fucking dipshits” or just “dipshits” or hell, even “idiots” would have gotten him in trouble. But the use of “retards” (and I actually think “fucktard” would have earned him less flak) brought a lot of angry people out of the woodwork, among them Palin, whose youngest son has Down syndrome. Palin, although merely being her usual opportunistic-infection self, has been rightfully critical of Emmanuel, who has too high a profile to be saying what he did.
Yesterday, Palin, in an appearance on FOX “News”, reiterated her demand that Emmanuel be fired. When Bill O’Reilly lobbed a “question” at her (I use quotes here because the whole conversation was clearly orchestrated) asking what separated Emmanuel’s comments from those of Rush Limbaugh–who repeatedly used the word “retard” in a recent radio broadcast when discussing an upcoming White House summit–Palin responded by asserting that Limbaugh was merely satirizing Emmanuel.

First of all, even if this were true, would it really make a difference? Isn’t it the maintenance of the word itself in the vernacular the real problem? Second of all, I heard the audio of Rush’s show on The Daily show the other night, and if Rush was merely being satirical, he sounded awfully gleeful about it. It’s not as though he doesn’t have a long history of using words like “feminazi.” Palin is a sap if she really believes what she told O’Reilly, and I don’t think that she does.

But now, with the Family Guy shitstorm in the news, I can’t help but point out the obvious. Rush gets a pass because he was merely exercising satire, whereas MacFarlane & Co. should be kicked off the FOX network because Family Guy is hard news…oh, wait, it’s the epitome of SATIRE.

The comment field under Palin’s complaint about Family Guy on her Facebook fan page is littered with exactly the same kind of crap: Rush was just kidding around, but everyone else should be fired. I suppose it’s no surprise that any supporter of Palin would have to possess as a central trait the willingness to swallow any amount of bullshit, or, more to the point, lack the capacity to not march in lock step with plainly hyopocritical and often insane ideas.

3 thoughts on “My latest favorite example of right-wing hypocrisy”

  1. Well, that’s a hell of a twist.

    What’s missing in this whole picture is that the Family Guy folks weren’t taking shots at Trig Palin (as if he’d understand at his age, retarded or not) but at Sarah Palin herself. I imagine that the idea, justification, or whatever for what they did stemmed from the fact that Palin has been happy to serially whore out various family members to the press in order to theoretically bolster her own cause. It didn’t work, but that hasn’t stopped her. The teabaggers love hearing what an amazing mom she is.

  2. The Rush/retard thing started several weeks ago, IIRC. I believe it was first discussed on a regular Fox “News” morning show. At the time Palin didn’t have the sophistication to claim it was satire; she just sort of flailed like … well, like a swimmer at the Special Olympics.

    Oo. Here’s a portmanteu for you: “Rushtard”! Or is that already taken?

    Ah. Alas.

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