Note to teabagger types: Scorn and mockery are not akin to fear

One theme running rampant among Sarah Palin fans is that the chief reason the media and liberal types make Palin a frequent target of derision is because they are afraid of her.

Even in the shriveled minds of anyone who could possibly view Palin as anything more than a sick joke, the failure of this idea should be evident at once. If someone runs around from event to event, constantly placing herself in the spotlight and serving as a grade-A dimbulb lying hypocrite with a bad version of the accent of Frances McDormand’s character in Fargo, then of course the press is going to have a field day with her, and liberal blogger types are going to shred her with regularity.

People regularly deride celebrities, athletes, and other public figures when they get to behaving badly. Does this translate into being afraid of them? Okay, so these people aren’t politicians, who are a breed unto themselves, but at this point neither is Sarah Palin. She quit the governorship of Alaska so she could embark on a whirlwind tour of speaking to groups that include some of the most blinkered people in the country. That’s her job: to feed into the delusions and galactic ignorance of the thousands of botlike individuals who show up at “Tea Party” rallies waving signs around that say things–unironically–like NO PUBIC OPTION. She makes a lot of coin at this because of the distressingly bloated size of Moron America, but she doesn’t have the support of even her own party.

People tossing around the “libs fear Palin” trope actually have it completely backward. Liberals are eternally grateful that John McCain chose her as his running mate in 2008, because this amounted to political suicide. Had McCain selected someone capable of speaking English in interviews an not prone to hurling out vacuous slogans in babblespeak in lieu of intelligent answers to questions from reporters, McCain may well have won the election. The existence of Palin has been nothing but a boon to Democrats. However, she’s constantly embarrassing herself in speeches, on CNN, at wackaloon functions (as with her reading from notes scribbled on her hand last weekend, and not for the first time). Of course people are going to notice and make unkind and otherwise critical comments.

So, to sum up this lesson in social dynamics for Palin fans: You don’t have to be afraid of something in order to point at it and laugh and maybe scream “ASSHOLE!” Think really, really hard and you might be able to produce examples of having done this in your own lives.

Nah. You can’t. So keep cheering while the rest of the world keeps jeering and enjoying the show.

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