Never trust a blogger…

…who uses post titles such as “Putting Unemployment Numbers Into Prospective.”

Of course, that’s the least of the reasons that the output of “Gribbit” is worthless and a joke. He’s at his worst when he tries to agitate against climate change. He only does this because he sees AGW as a liberal issue and he reflexively hates all things liberal, an interesting perspective given that he’s supported by the federal government.

Here, he cites an article from, of all sources, the UK Daily Mail in an attempt to establish that anthropogenic global warming is sheer fiction. Of course, Gribbit is too ignorant and too sold on his own predetermined conclusions to recognize that this article, and in fact this whole newspaper, is shit, with a rich history of lying about climate change and positioning itself at the forefront of the MMR vaccine/autism scare. He doesn’t have the grounding or the motivation to do the slightest amount of background research, and may as well be referencing WorldNut Daily in this case.

Tim Lambert nicely explains why the article is bullshit. Phil Jones never said what the article implies he did–the average reader has no idea of the difference between “significant” and “statistically significant.” And even if he had, it wouldn’t undermine the huge body of knowledge assembled over the years by climatologists. I am not a climatologist, but I know enough to determine whether something seems trustworthy or not. Gribbit is also not a climatologist or an ologist of any stripe. He’s loud (if all but anonymous) on the Internet and a fifth-degree fuckhead, but that doesn’t generally lend people credibility outside of their own minds.

This concisely details the Mail’s dishonesty and offers links to more information. Then there’s this from NASA. Seriously, if you profess to have any real interest in climate change at all, you’d have to be amazingly stupid to believe the idea that there has been no warming trend in the past 15 years. Blame it on carbon emissions, farting cows, solar activity or the whims of Darth Vader, but everyone has seen the graphs and tables. Of course, if you can’t read them, I suppose they are not helpful.

What I find fascinating about people like Gribbit (whose “I TOLD YOU SO!” is, here and previously, evidence of a grossly mistaken conclusion; when Gribbit “tells people so,” he’s merely demonstrating the darkness inside of his skull) is that they completely mistrust scientists until a scientist who seems to agree with their ideas comes along. Then, suddenly, scientists are no longer mercenary hacks who are in bed with Obama, Gore, et al. They are credible, upstanding citizens with the courage to buck what 99 percent of real scientists actually believe and are therefore right.

Gribbit doesn’t know that he is too dumb to blog about climate-change issues, so he’ll keep doing it and making an ass of himself. It’s always the gullible lunkheads who warn against Wikipedia (except when they use it as a reference themselves) while treating FOX News as a valid source. It’s these types who lap up the most outrageous stories from the most ludicrous outlets that warn that “you can bet the mainstream media won’t report this” or some such. Gee, Gribbit, why do you suppose that is? (Most amazing is that if you try to right-click on one of his post title links, you get a dialog box that reads, “© 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Gribbit’s Word — All Rights Reserved.” Like anyone would steal his stuff. I wonder if he copyrights his turds, too.)

One thought on “Never trust a blogger…”

  1. Look, it’s obvious that’s there’s no such thing as global warming. Just look at the snowstorms in DC. And given all of the hot air that comes out of that place, you’d expect it to be warm. But it’s not! It’s down right cold! And it’s been getting colder and colder since August! At this rate, the entire state of Virginia will be a solid block of ice by July! Don’t take my word for it, all you have to do is plot the daily average temps over the last few months on some graph paper, fit a ruler over it, and see where it lands! By my calculations, it will average zero degrees on July 27, 2010. That’s right, zero. In other words, it will be NO DEGREES outside!! It doesn’t get any colder than that! And I didn’t no need no computer or fancy PHD degree to figure that out!! You guys think you’re sooooo smart but you’re just a bunch of commie liberal leftist America haters.

    As a matter of fact, I think I’ll email Senator Inhofe about my findings. I’m sure he’ll listen.

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