An idea for a new Winter Olympics event

The jump biathlon.

Picture it: A guy is standing at the top of the ski-jump ramp with a rifle held at port arms. The signal is given and he shoots off down the incline, carefully shifting the rifle into a more useful position while holding a tight tuck. As he shoots off the lip of the ramp, he leans forward with the butt of the rifle against his shoulder and starts blasting away at a series of targets set just to either side of the center of the landing slope. These would be large and very orange to make it fair, and to make it even more fair these would be automatic rifles, perhaps Kalashnikovs.

This would be a beautiful thing to behold and a huge TV draw.

3 thoughts on “An idea for a new Winter Olympics event”

  1. Think about it–there are events combining ski jumping with Nordic skiing and Nordic skiing with shooting already. I think this loop needs to be closed.

  2. This idea needs to be polished if you really want to grab the modern audience. First, make it a summer Olympics event. Replace the ski jump with a ramp and a towing speedboat. Place the targets on the beach, and make sure that the required uniform for the women’s competition is bikinis and/or cropped tops two sizes too small.

    Oh, and the targets need to be shaped like beer cans.

    You do that and you could possibly out-sell NASCAR. Besides, I think we already have some people in training for it.

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