My dad’s latest binge

He decided, for very unclear reasons, to splurge for this, an extremely detailed Lego rendition of the Millennium Falcon, the infamously ramshackle spaceship owned and operated by Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy. At nearly three feet long, it has over five thousand pieces, which for over a week covered most of my parents’ living-room floor. There are even little versions of Han, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and someone I can’t identify, all of them boasting the familiar grinning yellow heads introduced in the Legoland era (c. 1980).

6 thoughts on “My dad’s latest binge”

  1. “Why do you assume Captain Solo was referring to time?”

    Because travel at light speed to any given destination might involve one measure of distance today and another tomorrow? Given the uncertainty of exactly how to go about attaining such speed or the exact nature of the preferred course one might reasonably brag about traveling a trifling distance to reach a far away target?

    I dunno. In common usage bragging rights go to whoever can traverse a given distance faster than anyone else. Like races through space. Think Talledaga or Indianapolis race tracks. At present all races through time end in ties. No cause for bragging there except for those referred to by the old saw, “Only the Good Die Young”.

  2. Still, traveling at any speed along any course, can you get to East Milinocket from here?

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