Riding someone’s jock

In my day I was a decent runner. Those days are gone, so now I content myself with following those who are actually good, even great.

In February 2008, on assignment, I had the opportunity to train for two weeks with a pair of women who went on to become the first and second finishers at the USATF National Championships, otherwise (at least that year) known as the Olympic Trials. Shannon Rowbury and Erin Donohue both represented the U.S. in Beijing, and Shannon (whom I got to have lunch with recently) won a bronze medal last year in the 1500 meters at the World Championships in Berlin.

Here they are kicking my ass during a tempo run on Longboat Key near Sarasota, Florida.

The running world is kind of small and it’s easy to start shrugging stuff off.

I like runners.

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  1. I think this was said before but this picture looks like Fire Marshal Bill stalking two hot girls.

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