Guru tries to kill skeptic on live TV

You can probably guess what the outcome was.

When a famous tantric guru boasted on television that he could kill another man using only his mystical powers, most viewers either gasped in awe or merely nodded unquestioningly. Sanal Edamaruku’s response was different. “Go on then — kill me,” he said…

…First, the master chanted mantras, then he sprinkled water on his intended victim. He brandished a knife, ruffled the sceptic’s hair and pressed his temples. But after several hours of similar antics, Mr Edamaruku was still very much alive — smiling for the cameras and taunting the furious holy man.

“He was over, finished, completely destroyed!” Mr Edamaruku chuckles triumphantly as he concludes the tale in the Rationalist Centre, his second-floor office in the town of Noida, just outside Delhi.

Maybe these gurus, who know that they are full of shit, are used to intimidating audience people and are hence unafraid of being challenged to do what they say they can do. Still, you would have to be an idiot to expect to go through life without someone asking you to back up your words. I hope this guy was as humiliated as the article suggests, what with him boasting about his supposed ability to commit gratuitous murder. I take great amusement in gurus, psychics, seers, and other woo-pitchers being exposed as frauds and having their “careers” derailed.

3 thoughts on “Guru tries to kill skeptic on live TV”

  1. If only such exposure actually did derail their careers. Unfortunately there seems to be a never ending supply of woo-hungry dupes. I was shocked to see that Peter Popoff of all people is back on the air and back to his old faith healing hijinks. That after being thoroughly debunked by Randi back in the ’80s.

  2. When Mr Edamaruku does eventually die, the Guru can just claim it was a delayed reaction.

    1. This sounds like “The Men Who Stare at Goats” – The New Earth Army attempting to stop the heart of a goat simply by staring at it. Also, the Dim Mak – the death touch. There’s a great scene where George Clooney explains how he saw someone use the death touch in a fight. “He just tapped the guy lightly on the head and that was it.” The other character responds, “That’s it, he died right there.” And Clooney responds, “No, about eighteen years later.”

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