Strange day indeed

There’s a slight chance that someone may have said or implied that there would be days like this.

The reason I’m holding together is that the darkest of today’s misfortune and gloom were not my own, and the lesser stuff–mere annoyances, really–was not the result of my doing. A friend of mine got some shocking news this afternoon, one of those worst-fears-realized deals, and is presently a mess. Someone I’ve been very close to off and on for close to a year unwittingly chose today to try and engage me in Let’s Fight About Mindless Bullshit XVIII. I had to spend far too much time on the phone, never a source of sweetness and light. The clunker desktop PC I’m using until my new laptop arrives is in its death throes and is running so slowly I am amazed it doesn’t just turn to shards of metal and plastic in a dying burst of terminal decay. I’m looking for a new place to live and will be making a long road trip tomorrow to that end–not an adverse event by any means since I’ll get to run and hang out with friends in the process, but a stressor nonetheless. And to top it all off, tonight I actually managed, in the course of part of that phone time, to confuse one of the marathoners I coach with another. I was prating on about how he’d salvaged a decent Boston Marathon in spite of adversity until he gently reminded me that he’d been injured and hadn’t run at all. Good job, coach! They are eerily similar in age and ability, and I’ve been computerless for weeks, but that’s no excuse. Luckily he’s a laid-back guy and chuckled at this gruesome foray into Downtown ADHD.

On the other hand, I’m lucky my parents live nearby and have an extra PC, and I cajoled myself through my best run in a long time (which is saying very, very little). And I didn’t flip out and act like a choleric hemorrhoid with speaking and typing skills.

Here’s a nice summary of how it all fit together:

I was doing a telephone training consult tonight with a marathoner from Connecticut. (What these consist of doesn’t matter, although it’s probably obvious). I seem to have spent all day on the phone, never a source of sweetness and light for me. The consult went smoothly; I was almost able to mimic a coach whose head wasn’t staring intently at the splenic flexure of his descending colon. We finished up, I said by, hung up, and said, “Whew, and fuuuuuuuck me!” (Caffeine was as responsible as the stresses of the day.)

Except that I hadn’t hung up.

See, I just got a new cell phone on Sunday. The previous model was a flip phone that would terminate a call if you simply snapped it shut. I now have a razor (I think that’s what it’s called), and have not yet trained myself to remember that sliding the phone closed does not terminate the call. You have top hit the red button. So the line was still live when I unleashed that witty bit of repartee. It’s as likely as not that my interlocutor had already hung up herself and heard nothing unruly, but if she did in fact catch it, this would constitute the perfect addition to a star-crossed day.