An endorsement of the Poconos Marathon

I haven’t run it myself and have no plans to, but check out this description of this weekend’s events that a friend sent me:

The race finished in the picturesque and highly weird town of Stroudsburg, PA. In the 24-ish hours I was there, I saw, as my friend described it, the most “soul” wedding ever as well a young woman doing a pole dance on a “portable stripper pole” in the middle of the sidewalk arts and crafts fair at about 4 pm.

Another friend said he walked down main street at about 7 pm in search of a drugstore because his wife forgot her toothbrush. He ran across an individual riding a bicycle in a full chicken suit. The chicken fell off the bike and proceeded to get into a shoving match with a couple of young lads around the age of 14.

The latter is shaded of a serial gag on Family Guy, wherein Peter gets into gratuitous and very bloody fights with a giant chicken, far-flung brawls that typically result in the destruction of large swaths of Quahog and end amicably with a quiet meal in a restaurant or something similar.